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Monday, October 1, 2007

Being Cheap... and letting off some steam...

OK... it's monday, last week was pretty stressing... here is a meme

1)Lying... enables your progression

2) Would you help a sista' out?

3) I don't care if you know someone famous... I KNOW MORE PEOPLE but you dont see me throwing it in your face... get a life! lol

4) I can listen to "Slap" by Ludacris ALLL day!

5) That really was a waste of breath but no worries... I still love u! (haha)

6) Being drunk does not excuse what you say to people

7) Being drunk is unattractive F.Y.I

8) I have little patience for your ignorace. I told you what I had to say, take it however you want

9) "the first one to go down a road does not see the curves"... (alittle African Proverb)

10)I'm right... you're wrong, get over it

11) You're a strong man...

12) You invite... u pay...

OK... branching off of number 12. Say someone invites you out somewhere... the movies I guess. Notice how I say "invite". You get to the movies and you get up to the cashier and he only pays for HIS ticket...

What kinda all hell is that??

LOL... OK, I'm gonna get something straight, I'm not materialistic what so ever, but at the same time, you don't invite somebody to go out with you and they're left to pay for their own stuff. Same thing goes for women. I believe that if you invite someone out, you pay... STOP BEING SO CHEAPPPP!!



E2Deep said...

6) I agree.
10) What? silly Lady

The Narcist said...

Hell yeah to #12. Its dispicable that more people (and by people I mean boys I date) don't know this LAW!

writeous1 said...

thanks for coming by and leaving a comment... and thanks for the laughs here, Lady Tiara!

dc_speaks said...

if you got the invite..you should have not had to come out of your pocket.

never answer his call again...lol!

SistaSocialite said...

@E: U would go against #10 haha

@ Narcist: RIGHT... a law that should written in the books!!

@Writeous1: No problem... keep the laughs coming!

@DC_Speaks: I know RIGHT! lol... I still talk to him cause we're really good friends, but I know what to do next time...