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Monday, October 29, 2007

MeMe Monday!!

Is it Monday already???? MANNNNN I wasn't looking forward to this day. Seems like as soon as I get comfortable in bed, all warm under the covers and just chilling... Monday come around. What a blocker! LOL

Here's my meme monday:

5 Mouth Water Foods

Maybe you’ve found something that just makes your mouth water. Or, possibly a dessert that makes you feel good. Whatever the case, we all have a few favorite foods that we can’t live without. What are your favorites?

Pasta Fresca with Parmesan crusted chicken and feta cheese from Noodles and Co (If i had time... I'd definitely have that for lunch!)

Shrimp Fried Rice from the local Chinamans (Chinese stores for those not up with the derrttyy slang LOL) anywhere in St.Louis, Missouri. I don't know what they do to the rice but it's the BEST compared to this tan rice they sell in D.C.

IMO's PIZZA!!! OMMMMGGG... if you knew the SERIOUSNESS of this pizza!! LOL. It can only be found in St.Louis and Illinois. This is like my number 1 spot for pizza. Can't Nobody do it better... TRY ME!

White Chocolate ice cream with oreo cookies (don't knock it if you dont try it) from Cold Stone


Chicken and brocolli penne pasta with white wine alfredo sauce... OMG I done made myself extra hungry now LOL.

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philosopher said...

Yea I think the people at American annoy me as equally as those at Howard, the only difference is that I haven't actually had to deal with the ppl at American in my life... like I just observe them, I don't actually have to know them. But at Howard it felt like I had to deal with everybody.