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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Howard Homecoming 2007

So... unless you know nothing about major HBCU homecomings, you should know that Howard's Homecoming has been going on all week. It's been a series of events from step shows, fashion shows, comedy shows, parades, the infamous Yardfest... it's crazy!

Personally... I didn't go to any of the events, although I had big plans to go to the fashion show, but sadly :( I had to change the dates for my dance team tryouts and yea... I couldnt do it. Maybe next year... But tomorrow is the YardFest and it's this little free concert held outside that has rappers and singers come in and... rap and sing lol. Last year I went and it was pretty wack. The people they said was gonna show up, didnt show up. They said Diddy, Nas, and Kelis, among others was gonna be there, but instead it was Monica, Nina Sky, www.brookevalentine.com and they guy that does the "Here's my, Ghetto Story"... u know the one with Alicia Keys, and some other people... OOHHHHHH my 5th husband www.treysongz.com performed, although I wasnt impressed by the fact that his braids wasnt fresh and... his wardrobe wasnt either. Oh well :) This year, I have NO CLUE who's performing. I'm mad they're keeping it a secret from the whole world cause the students at Howard have no clue either. I dont know about this...

Well... the weather man said that there's a big chance that it's gonna rain, which is not good AT ALL. Maybe if it was inside, it would be better, but, it's a yardfest so they HAVE to have it in the yard (LOSERS). So, if that doesn't happen. Lil Wayne (WEEZZZZYYYY!!) is supposed to be at H20. Im excited... VERY. He's by far the best rapper at the moment. The only problem Im having is the fact that 1: it's going to be PACKED! Because it's Lil Wayne. 2: I'm going to be at least 8 deep with people... it's not guaranteed that I can get all those people on the guest list (ugh), so some people may not be getting in free and 3: ITS GOING TO BE PACKED!! LOL ooh and it's going to rain :(. I hope everything works out. If not, there's always Fur on Saturday with the fraternity Kappa Alpha Psi.



The Narcist said...

sounds liek a very packed weekend. i haven't done HU homecoming in a few years cuz it's always rainy outside. i might see whats happening tomorrow nite though. have fun!

Ray said...

I have always heard that everyone and their momma traveled to Howard's Homecoming, I would have loved to go and checkout a few events there myself but being a new resident here and one who is trying to secure a job I wouldnt feel right kicking it that hard.

So hopefully I am settled and such by next year, b/c I heard it was bomb.