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Wednesday, May 9, 2007


I love these two!!

Nas is one of the best rappers alive...and Kelis is just BOSSY!! Loves it!!

So... change in plans for my summer break... BASICALLY I'm gonna be living in Atlanta/St.Louis for the summer with breaks to Jamacia, LA, and Miami... FUN!! I was suppose to work full time in D.C. for the summer but ehhh... not gonna work. I haven't been home for a summer since 2004... I think it's time for a break!! Im gonna be working though, whether I stay in St.Louis for the summer or in Atlanta... I CANT WAIT!!

uughhh...= I need a hug!!

MY LAST FINAL IS TODAY!! YAY... that reminds me... maybe I should study while I have oobers of time on my hands :)

Monday, May 7, 2007


Soo... I can't wait till finals are OVER!! I have 3 more days then I'm done... I may not update after this one for about 3 weeks so BEAR with me ya'll! I'm gonna be traveling like crazy!! I CANT WAITT!!! 1st, i'm heading down to Atlanta to see my mom and sister, then I'm going to Miami to see my best friend and record a song (hopefully) for this new up and coming group DLeague (click the link and go to their myspace page... they're hot!!), then i'm coming back to Atlanta and my mom wants to go to Jamacia for Memorial Day weekend, THEN I'm going to St.Louis to visit my family and friends, and back to D.C. to work FULL TIMEE!! Yea... i'm gonna need that 3 week vacations... I'm taking a TON of pictures!!

I wanted to do a little tribute to Atlanta, Georgia (the best city in the world!) For like the past 3 years, we've taken over the radio stations and BET with our crunk, crunk & b, snap, snap & b, etc, etc... and OF COURSE the dance: Poole Palace, Shootout, Jig Wit it, Snap, Lean Wit it, Walk it Out, Two Step, Motocycle, Heisman, RockStar, Bunny Hop, etc. (and also the older dances... Bankhead Bounce, A-Town Stomp, Donkey Kong, etc). I've had this feeling for a long time that a lot of ya'll are getting tired of our music... our dances... our eveything, and I want to say... haters will hate! lmao... But we've shined, and it is time to put it to rest and do something new you know?? But I want to just show this video by these guys called The Floor Masters. They are choreographers for the famous SO SO Def Records and believe it or not... they've created almost ALLL the dances you've seen on the TV and THENNN SOME!! They got this new dance called "The Temptations" for Johnta Austin's new song "Video" (THATS MY SONGGGGG!! Say it one more time like my name was Mike Jones, say it, say it one more time like my name was MIKE JONES!! haha.) Basically... it don't look like nothing new to me lmao. Look like the snap, 2 step, and jig put together, but it's something about it that makes it hot ANWAYS!! I'm tellin u... it don't look right unless you got the tall tee and baggy jeans on!! haha...Although many haven't heard of them.... they are legends... KUDDOS TO THEM!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007


I got a new camera, casio exlim card s770, and it has this funky little movie maker. At first, it only held about 10 minutes of video, but when I got a 2GB memory card... this joker held almost 3 hours of footage!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my camera!! lol. It takes some of the best pictures I've ever seen (more natural looking when it flashes), it's just so purtty and small... LOVES IT!! lol Anywho...

So I was thinking... maybe I should make an inspirational video or something NICE. Who knows... I can maybe submit it to get some scholarships (cause paying $40,000 a year in college tuition ain't no joke!!)

Thing is... I don't know WHAT to write about! There's this one girl that made a video about the discrimination that black women face as just being african-american in general. You have to have a thick body, and straight permed hair... that's what's excepted in today's society... the video was HOT I must say... I'll post it at the bottom. But I want to do something like that, or different, but I don't know what to record about. I NEED HELP!! Any suggestions??

Kiri Davis- A Girl Like Me

Here's the link if the video doesn't show up... LINK