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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Chris Stokes and B2K... UGH

So, I was listening to the radio in Atlanta and they said something about Raz-B and his older brother Ricky Romance getting sexually assaulted by his former Producer/Manager/CEO of TUG Entertainment, Chris Stokes. I was SOO upset because as a teenager, I had the biggest crush on Raz-B (LOL). So, I went to the youtube link they said to go to and looked at the two videos that were posted:

The kicker in the last video was when Chris was like "I don't do that no more", proving that he INDEED did do it in the past :(

I was NOTHING less than disgusted!! I knew Chris Stokes was the reason behind B2K breaking up, partly because THEY NEVER MADE MONEY and he was spending it all on himself, but I had no idea he was trying to turn them out!!
Then the kicker is... Marques Houston was about homosexual activities as well!!

I feel so sad for these boys, but I'm so happy that Raz-B was the one to step up and say something about this. He is really strong for this, especially when people have been accusing him of being homosexual since earlier this year (check the bottom of the page of that link). I give kudos to him and everyone who stepped up as well. I know for a fact that 2008 will be the downfall for Chris Stokes. I predict that EVERYBODY is going to lay his stuff out in the open. THIS IS CRAZY!!

P.S... read this letter... it's VERY interesting!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Off Hiatus... Sista Socialite is back!! =]

I can't believe I've been on hiatus for a month!! UGH. I'm just happy that I'm done with finals and I have 5 weeks of school off.

My biggest regret is agreeing to work full time this break. I mean, the money is good (I'm getting paid better than a lot of people my age that aren't their own bosses), but at the same time... I'M SO BORED!!

I basically do administrative tasks, and I'm the type that when I get a project to do, I can get through with it really fast. I know they hate that because after that project, there's nothing else for me to do. The kicker is, I can't be on the computer unless it's work related (good bye blog but shh... don't tell nobody I'm on here haha). My problem is, OK, so I'm done with all my work and y'all have nothing for me to do, what do you expect me to do? Go to sleep? Stare at the screen? I asked them that and they told me to read a book... WTF? I'm all in the open so whenever someone comes in the office, they always see me. What do I look like reading a book when some important executive walks though? It don't look right! Me being on the computer is more professional than reading a book. I swear... they got something wrong with them in the head!

So I'm doing exactly what they told me to do... reading. There's this particular book that's REALLY REALLY REALLY interesting... Blink by Malcolm Gladwell. Personally, I'm not a psychology/self help reading type of person but I really like this book. He's basically teaching you how to listen to your inner self to help you make more conscious and logical reasons. It's much more than that, but those are the basics. I recommend this book to anyone. It's weird because just from the 1st chapter, I can tell if some one's marriage is going to end of in divorce just by them telling me how they met. I SHOULD BE A PSYCHOLOGIST! lol

Anyways... I gotta get off the computer before they trip LOL (I need a NEW job cause this is redic).

If I don't post before Christmas, HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!!!