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Thursday, October 25, 2007

MeMe (Im late!!) and my Howard Homecoming experience!

Ok... im supposed to do a meme every monday and friday, but i've been slacking and busy as ever. Here's one I'd like to do for my Atlanta people :)

13 Reasons why Atlanta is better...

1) Um... in D.C., you get a house for $200,000... the same house in Atlanta is gonna be $100,000... U DO THE MATH (and yes, people get paid less, but at the same time... Atlanta has some of the most successful and highest paid African-Americans in the United States... IM ON IT!)

2) Where else can u find the crunkest people around???

3)Gas prices aren't EXTRA HIGH!

4) There's always something to do on the weekends. You dont even have to pay... go to Piedmont Park and have a picnic or just chill and go shopping.

5) THE BOUTIQUES ARE AMAZING!!!!!! And there's a variety of restaurants that are fire! Check out this Tapas bar Rare... I RECOMMEND IT!

6) Some of the most beautiful people live there!

7) Besides the time between late december, early february... the weather is amazing

8) You can be walking down the street and some RANDOM person says Good Morning to you... that's southern hospitality for ya

10) People are PROUD to be from there

11) Mrs. Winners Chicken and Biscuits has the best chicken i've ever had

12) HOME OF SO SO DEF?????

13) I couldn't think of anywhere else I'd want to raise my family at


About my Howard Homecoming experience, I'm gonna make this short and simple

Friday October 19th, went to the Yardfest and had such performances as Lil Mama, KinFolk (So Krispy), Hurricane (and them damn beads on the ends of his individual braids), my third husband J. Holiday, the sexiness of Ray Valentine (I think that's his name... he's with Konvict Music with his shirt off mmm mmm mm LOL... i need to post this pictures!), One Chance with my 4th husband Courtney... LOVE OF MY LIFEEE!! LOL,Flo Rida, The-Dream (SHAWTY IS A TENN... his sexy self!), and Talib Kweli, with a bunch of local acts. It would have been nice if it wasnt gloomy and raining and hot!

Then that night, Lil Wayne was supposed to be at H20, but it was gonna be packed and I didnt feel like getting there 3 hours early to guarantee a chance to get in. Im glad I didnt go because I heard he locked himself in VIP and never performed... what a Drama QUEEEN!

Then the next day, the Kappas had a party at Fur Night Club... from 2am to 10am... REDIC! It wasn't happening. I was getting calls from here and there talking about (at 1am) the line was down the block, ppl fighting and everything. THEN when it opened at 2am, the line was moving a centimeter every 5 minutes. SO NOOOO DICE! I decided to just chill.

Yep, my homecoming weekend SUCKEDDDDD! UGHHHH

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Organized Noise said...

Sorry your homecoming experience sucked. There's always next year.