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Monday, October 15, 2007

My Weekend and MeMe Monday

Well... my weekend was great. I went home (Atlanta, Georgia) for the weekend, hung out with my mom and my best friend, also known as my little (14) sister. It was pretty great. Everytime me and my sister is together, I don't care if Im 20, I act like I'm 14 LOL. It's the only time I get to show some high energy and not have grown people look at me like... "What the he** is her problem?" LOL It's great. Saturday, I hung out with my sister and we watched Boyz N The Hood On Demand. We looked at the movie as a PURE comedy. FIRST, it was the little 10 year old with the greasy afro jerry curl, THEN, we laughed at the fact the Morris Chestnut had a gallon of milk in one hand, and **I think** an ice cream sandwich in the other hand... CLEARLY hungry and thirsty. THEN there was this one dude that was EATING his 40 haha... eating it. I mean, he was munching on it like it was a meal. LASTLY, there's this part where Cuba and Morris go and see Cuba's dad. There's this girl that walks by and they look at her. Only thing I noticed was the fact that she almost fell and they didn't cut that part off for that poor girl. We laughed for days on that one. hahaha GOOD TIMES. Now whenever you guys see Boyz in the Hood, you'll noticed the comedy in the movie.
So all in all... me and my sister act silly, my mom looks at us like we're silly. But at the same time, I PROMISE YOU, my mom is like the coolest mother to have. So my mom is tooo silly. Because she's young, I'll give her that. First of all... her song of the moment is "Hood Figga (Ni**a)" [Thank goodness she only knows the clean version haha] by Gorilla Zoe and Shoulda Let You Go by Keisha Cole (which she repeated 3 times in a row while we drove to downtown Atlanta Friday) PLUS she can GET IT with some 2 Step and Lean Wit it, Rock Wit It. I dunno if it's the south or what, but mothers aren't suppose to be that crunk... LOL

Anywho... that was my weekend in a nut shell. I caught up on some sleep, got to think A LOT about some things, and yea... it was laid back with plenty of chillaxing and meditation. To end this, here is a meme called "If You Could..."

1. If you could have your dream home, what are 5 “must haves” that you would want it to include? a customized kitchen (I plan to cook all the time), a customized bathroom (bathrooms are important), I'm big on stars and stuff and my dream house is gonna be in the middle of nowhere (clear from air pollution) so I can put in a see through ceiling so that I can see the stars every night (though the rain may start bothering me LOL), a very tall and glimmerous (yes... I made that one up) chandelier, and a beautiful family to share it with :)

2. If you could have your dream vehicle, what would it be? The $130,000 of my AMG SL55 Mercedes- Benz. Pitch black exterior, ruby red leather interior.. beautiful!

3. If you could change ONE thing about your life, what would it be and why?
Hmm... good question. I dont think I would change anything. Everything happens for a reason and you're supposed to learn from them. Yea, i've made mistakes in my life, but GUESS WHAT?? I'm human! Nobody's perfect and no one will be.

4. If you could change ONE thing about the way you look, what would it be and why?
One thing huh? I could tone more... but that can be done as soon as I stop being lazy already! Plus, I'm dancing, so that's helping me get back into shape

5. If you could be on a reality show (from Survivor to Dancing With the Stars to Top Chef), which one would you be on and why?
Definately America's Next Top Model. If I COULD, I'd try out, but I'm only 5ft5 and the height requirement is 5ft7

6. If you could be in the audience of any talk show (from Dr. Phil to Jay Leno), which one would you choose and why?
I guess you can call it a talk show: The Colbert Report

OMG, that man is too funny! I'm not too into politics, but he's the reason I know something about it.

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