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Monday, July 30, 2007

HISSZZZ Lipgloss be POPPIN'!


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Oh Beyonce, Beyonce...

And this is why I dont wear 6 inch heels at the clubs... UGHH stuff like this will happen!! LOL

Monday, July 23, 2007


Im not having a good day AT ALLLL!! Wonder why I haven't updated in a week? Well, I usually update at work but my supervisor had this GREAT idea that "Let me f*** up Tiara's day and tell her she can't get on the internet anymore". I mean... I DONT GET WORK AS IT IS and I DONT GET ON BAD WEBSITES! The most I get on is websites with news on it and blogs THATS IT! Probably facebook and myspace occassionally but other than that... WHAT's the PROBLEM?
So basically he wants me to sit at my cube and look at my computer for 8 hours??? OOO H-E- double hockey stick NOOOOO UUHHH ignance. I have had it up to here with him as well. He favors this one chick and calls her pet names... UMM>>>> WHAT KIND OF MESS IS THAT??
This is truely unfair so right now i'm in the works of finding a new job (and a better paying one at that)!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Mondays SUCK!!

Ya know... it's kind of annoying knowing when ppl come to your page, but somehow... nobody wants to comment or let u know they stopped by LQTM. I have this funky little counter that lets me know how many people visit my page and where they are from... it's kind of fun, but scary at the same time cause it lets you know they're browser settings, what page they visited, what page they clicked on to exit from your page and blah blah blah... yea, I KNOW who comes on my page (that sounds kind of stalkerish, if that's a word haha) But anywho, since the begining of this month, I've had a total of 248 visits to my page and only about .0000004444 to infinity and beyond percent of those people actually comment... anyone can comment!! I dont care who you are... just let me know that you stopped by if that's not too much trouble! =] Thanks!

I thought this was kind of funny...

Ricky Smiley is off the chain with this one... the honey bun thing at the end... ugh.. dont bother cause it's wack!

I finally cut allllllll my hair off! It's kind of funky, it's growing on me, but I kind of like it already. My hairdresser was talking about... "I can't wait to dye it!" I was like... i can't wait either It looks a little too plain to me. I mean, I got it spiked at the top, but it's still plain. I'll post pictures up asnaps.

I'm kind of bored... ugh I wish I could stay in bed all day!! Mondays are the worse man... ooh well... I'm making money and BOY DO I WORK HARD FOR IT!


I'm not a BIG fan of 50 cent AT ALLLLLLL but... I'm definately feeling this song 4 real!


Friday, July 13, 2007

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

*David Blaine... wow*

Im sitting up in work CRACKING UP over this video haha

David Blaine creeps me out

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

When chocolate just isn't enough...


OMG Just when I thought my dude Chris from Making the Band 4 was gonna make it to ATLEAST the final 10... Diddy threw up the Dueces and sent him on his way home. I gotta say, the last episode of Making the Band was sooo emotional. They was about to battle and Brian A. was first. He started singing the first verse of "End of the Road" and all the a SUDDEN the other dudes pop off with the chorus. I was like WHOA!!! Im sitting in the house clapping up a storm from what happened. And they sounded GOOD!! Then they put the camera on Diddy's nonchalant face and I was like... DUDE... SMILE!! He's sooo tight faced sometimes and as much as I wanna work for him the near future (by no means am i trying to get a record deal with him, but rather PR or something along those lines.. maybe plan one of his White Parties... who knows. N E WHO). It was really emotional, he pissed me off when he brought in all those other dudes talking about... they gon take ya spots! I was like NO!! I like the dudes they got now, but Diddy is never satisfied so hey... Diddy gets whatever he wants sometimes so I aint mad at him AT ALL. Then at the end when he picked the final people, i was ooh soo happy that Julius made it, but once again, I was P.O.ed at the fact that Chris was short. I mean, YEA he couldnt sing, but he could dance his butt off! PLUS he was improving so well with his vocals... ooh well... I was surprised when that one dude (whose name I cant put my finger on cause he was so quiet and stuff) started crying talking about "Where imma go? That was my house! blah blah blah" I was like awwww =[. Then old dude from New Edition busted out with "We love you, but we ain't in love with you". WHOA... u cold hearted bastard lol

WELL... this is my tribute to Chris :] When I get famous, I'm gonna put him in one of my videos lol

Monday, July 9, 2007

B2K... the crush returns lol

Ok... I'm like 20 years old and stuff crushing on B2K hahaha

Im really feeling this video by Lil Fizz with Ray-Z... NOT TO MENTION my "OMG, when I get older I'm gonna marry him... GURL that is my future husband!" ::That was me talking when I was 15:: (Raz-B) is featured in it, along with the other members of B2K (my second husband was J-Boogie) lol... LOVEZ IT! =]


Lil Fizz went through his whole career without taking his shirt off... THEN when he just about to take it off... he heifer that directed this video didn't even show what he was working with... aint that some ish... haha

Thursday, July 5, 2007

True TALENT is almost dead... just like Hip-Hop (lmao)

IM SO HAPPY IT MAKES OTHER PEOPLE SICK!! lol... Everyone has their issues, and Im definately NOT an exception, especially as of recently, but u know what... GOTTA THINK POSITIVELY AND THATS EXACTLY WHAT IM DOING!! =]

Moving on...

I'm starting to realize that it's sooo soo sooo hard finding TRUE and UNIQUE talent for the music business, I mean HARD. Gosh... I don't know what to do! I'm trying to do this entertainment public relations thing, but it seems like I'm pushing my luck with some people that I'm messing with. I mean, some people I'm dealing with are, IIGHT but I just can't seem to find a prototype uughh it's annoying. I feel like I should just do the modeling industry or something... it's easy! All you gotta do is find a pretty/handsome face with a nice body plus a good height and BAM... you got a model haha. But my passion is singing and I dont want to take the easy way out... I LOVE a challenge.

So I'm faced with a couple of issues. Sometimes I feel like I'm being lazy with the PR stuff. I have connections, it's not like I'm in a hole cause it is who u know and not what u know when it comes to this industry (or having a career in ANYTHING period, point, blank). At the same time, it has nothing to do with laziness, it's just I dont want to go to my connects with some crap and they look at me like I'm crazy and tell me "You lost a connection with this s***, don't ever embarrass me nor yourself with this ever again" hahahaha
So I gotta come correct with these people and I dont think anyone is worthy of my connects yet... IM not even worthy haha (although I hate to admit!). I mean, I can sing or whatever, but I'm sooo shy and nervous when it comes to singing that it's just like... what is the point in trying to have a singing career? I have all the confidence in the world, but singing in front of people that I hardly know is nerve recking (unless Im on a stage... then I can sing my butt off lol).

I got a rapper and a singer that I'm really really trying to get on the scene cause they are... how do u say... PERFECT... (haha) and hook them up... so we'll see what happens!

My modeling thing is still in works... will keep u posted =] Cant wait!!

Oh... and Im gonna have a new blog, basically a little mini story, and another blog where I update with the newest songs smokin! lol... maybe another one just for pure funny entertainment.. who knows??

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

80s is takin OVA!!

And I must admit... IM GIVING IN!!

Style has changed and it seems as though its gone back a couple of decades, I'm LOVIN IT!

The big gold chains, door knocker gold earrings, the shiny and colorful jogging pants suits that I had in every color is coming back, the jeans that look like they got caught being washed with the whites (i.e. bleach spots everywhere), the mohawks, big, snowglob glasses, PLASTIC square sunglasses... OMG, when will this madness end??? I HOPE NOT SOON CAUSE IM LOVIN IT!! The one thing I'm not getting and its erkin my nerves to the N is those dang headscarves over the neck... never and I mean NEVER will I be caught with it on. I mean, dont get me wrong, its not for me, but it may look good on others... Also...
The whole punk rock thing is coming to play as well. I think guys in Ed Hardy, fitted (but loose) jeans (Think Usher U Got it Bad), skull wallet chains, mixed with the jumbo gold chains is sexy dude... just SEXY lol.

The evolution of 80s music has also caused an evolution of music. The new song called Aunt Jackie coming from New York is pretty hot. The dance... although I can dance my butt off... I can't seem to get the whole Chicken Noodle Soup clap ya hands thing down... watch the video and see if u get it lol

Click THIS if the video doesn't show up

ALSO... I LOVE LOVE LOVE Avril's Girlfriend featuring Lil Mama... She rockin the 80s thing too.. LOVIN the yellow pull over!

Click THIS is the video doesn't show up

Monday, July 2, 2007

**I'm back in FULL EFFECT!**


I'm sitting here at my first day at work since May 12th listening to some Neo-Soul on my red (PRODUCT) iPod waiting until that 3:45pm mark comes so I can go home, then go shopping, then go to the gym, then sneak a nap in, then cook (or shall we say... microwave, although I can cook, I'm not in the cooking mood right now), then watch CW and sleep after a long 8 hour day at the wonderful government job of the National Institutes of Health in D.C. ::Hold on... I gotta take a breathe::... I think about the summer and what's ahead of me...

I might just try this modeling thing... REALLY this time! Runways sound fun, and although I'm not the proper height (5ft5 1/2... 5ft 8 or 9 1/2 in the proper heels)... I can still do it! I NEED TO FIND A PHOTOGRAPHER TO DO SOME SHOTS FOR ME!! Anybody in the D.C./Maryland/ Virginia area know a good one??
I'm also trying to get really serious about this PR thing too. I already have a potential job promoting for the clubs 1223 and Love (www.lovetheclub.com) and I want to get some party planning in there as well... FUN!!

Most importantly... I WANT TO BE SUCCESSFUL!!

But let's just focus on this summer for now...
My plan is to find a modeling agency or a good designer, do a couple of runway shows, maybe take pics for magazines...dang America's Top Model pisses me off with their 5ft7' height requirement!... work my 9-5 (or in this case 7:30-3:30), and do the club promoting/party planning thing until I can find some REAL and TALENTED singers or rappers to represent and get their names on the map... I can't deal with wackness...

OOO... shopping sounds sooo good right now!

P.S... IM BACK!!!!!!!!! haha