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Friday, September 28, 2007


ITS FRIDAY!!!!! :)

I'm sitting here putting finishing touches on my essay for this English class and I started going on about the Preamble of the Constitution. ALLLL of a sudden... I thought about School House Rock! I quickly went to YouTube and typed in School House Rock The Preamble, and... IT SHOWED UP!!

People don't know that it was school house rock and the fact that my social studies teacher in the 3rd grade made us watch ALLL the videos that had something to do with US History for 2 weeks straight that made US History my favorite subject. I guess she tried to get it in our heads and it worked! Till this day... I put on the songs, and weirdly enough, 10 years later, I STILL know how a Bill passes through the Supreme Court and the Preamble word for word haha. Im sitting at my desk singing the songs...it's great! I would like my readers to embrace in this and sing along cause I KNOW ya'll know it!(LOL... YouTube is the BEST right now!):

OK... that's enough haha. There was one video that I saw in class that's not on Youtube... the one about the 3 rings and a circus that has to do with government... anybody find it, shoot me an email :)

Ok... this is my MeMe Friday... Fill In the Blanks

1. I think time is going by sooo fast! Midterms are in 2 weeks!
2. I desire some serious rest and a little "me" time
3. What if the government paid for college education?
4. The best thing about music is the fact that even in your worst moods... it brightens up your spirits (especially those that happened during a postive time in your life
5. When will people just grow up!
6. The best thing that happened to me so far this week waking up every morning is enough to be happy about
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to Seeing sexii Jamie Foxx in theaters and spending time with my friends


philosopher said...

I watched school house rock too! i know just about all the songs! (except the newer corny ones)

The Narcist said...

i love "i'm just a bill" i will seriously be singing that ALL nite!!

dc_speaks said...

I absolutely loveeeeeeeeeeeee shr. I dedicated thursday to shr and psa day.

thats mad cool!

SistaSocialite said...