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Monday, October 29, 2007

MeMe Monday!!

Is it Monday already???? MANNNNN I wasn't looking forward to this day. Seems like as soon as I get comfortable in bed, all warm under the covers and just chilling... Monday come around. What a blocker! LOL

Here's my meme monday:

5 Mouth Water Foods

Maybe you’ve found something that just makes your mouth water. Or, possibly a dessert that makes you feel good. Whatever the case, we all have a few favorite foods that we can’t live without. What are your favorites?

Pasta Fresca with Parmesan crusted chicken and feta cheese from Noodles and Co (If i had time... I'd definitely have that for lunch!)

Shrimp Fried Rice from the local Chinamans (Chinese stores for those not up with the derrttyy slang LOL) anywhere in St.Louis, Missouri. I don't know what they do to the rice but it's the BEST compared to this tan rice they sell in D.C.

IMO's PIZZA!!! OMMMMGGG... if you knew the SERIOUSNESS of this pizza!! LOL. It can only be found in St.Louis and Illinois. This is like my number 1 spot for pizza. Can't Nobody do it better... TRY ME!

White Chocolate ice cream with oreo cookies (don't knock it if you dont try it) from Cold Stone


Chicken and brocolli penne pasta with white wine alfredo sauce... OMG I done made myself extra hungry now LOL.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Mario... WOW

I feel in love with him when he first came out with that "Just A Friend 2000" song. Since then, I've supported his music through thick and then. Last week, I saw this documentary on MTV that was DEEP... so deep that I felt for him and almost shed some tears. Mario is a STRONG man... so strong that I had to do a standing ovation after looking at this piece. You would never know by looking at him that he had some BIG issues going on in his family. His mother was a serious heroin addict and he begged and pleaded for YEARS to get her to stop. Hopefully what he did at the end (Im not going to tell... you have to watch it), she'll be finally cured from her addiction. I shall keep him and his family in my prayers... even if I dont know the guy, it doesn't matter :). Everyone deserves a prayer.

I just thought I'd like to share. Despite all the rumors about his "sex tape on his cell phone", I still got love for Mr. Mario... he's an amazing person with and amazing voice.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

MeMe (Im late!!) and my Howard Homecoming experience!

Ok... im supposed to do a meme every monday and friday, but i've been slacking and busy as ever. Here's one I'd like to do for my Atlanta people :)

13 Reasons why Atlanta is better...

1) Um... in D.C., you get a house for $200,000... the same house in Atlanta is gonna be $100,000... U DO THE MATH (and yes, people get paid less, but at the same time... Atlanta has some of the most successful and highest paid African-Americans in the United States... IM ON IT!)

2) Where else can u find the crunkest people around???

3)Gas prices aren't EXTRA HIGH!

4) There's always something to do on the weekends. You dont even have to pay... go to Piedmont Park and have a picnic or just chill and go shopping.

5) THE BOUTIQUES ARE AMAZING!!!!!! And there's a variety of restaurants that are fire! Check out this Tapas bar Rare... I RECOMMEND IT!

6) Some of the most beautiful people live there!

7) Besides the time between late december, early february... the weather is amazing

8) You can be walking down the street and some RANDOM person says Good Morning to you... that's southern hospitality for ya

10) People are PROUD to be from there

11) Mrs. Winners Chicken and Biscuits has the best chicken i've ever had

12) HOME OF SO SO DEF?????

13) I couldn't think of anywhere else I'd want to raise my family at


About my Howard Homecoming experience, I'm gonna make this short and simple

Friday October 19th, went to the Yardfest and had such performances as Lil Mama, KinFolk (So Krispy), Hurricane (and them damn beads on the ends of his individual braids), my third husband J. Holiday, the sexiness of Ray Valentine (I think that's his name... he's with Konvict Music with his shirt off mmm mmm mm LOL... i need to post this pictures!), One Chance with my 4th husband Courtney... LOVE OF MY LIFEEE!! LOL,Flo Rida, The-Dream (SHAWTY IS A TENN... his sexy self!), and Talib Kweli, with a bunch of local acts. It would have been nice if it wasnt gloomy and raining and hot!

Then that night, Lil Wayne was supposed to be at H20, but it was gonna be packed and I didnt feel like getting there 3 hours early to guarantee a chance to get in. Im glad I didnt go because I heard he locked himself in VIP and never performed... what a Drama QUEEEN!

Then the next day, the Kappas had a party at Fur Night Club... from 2am to 10am... REDIC! It wasn't happening. I was getting calls from here and there talking about (at 1am) the line was down the block, ppl fighting and everything. THEN when it opened at 2am, the line was moving a centimeter every 5 minutes. SO NOOOO DICE! I decided to just chill.

Yep, my homecoming weekend SUCKEDDDDD! UGHHHH

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Sorry I havent been posting lately... it's been a long weekend and monday. I'll talk about my Howard Homecoming experience tomorrow. Here's a message I would like to pass on to all minorities in this country:

Don't purchase anything on 11/2/07 and make no major purchases on 11/01/01 and 11/03/07.

Subj: National Black Out Day - Novmber 2nd
Sent from the Internet

National Black Out Day
on November 2nd

This is the second phase protest from our end regarding the Jena 6.

Many other cities and other people of color are facing similar situations like the Jena 6 situation. Please be united in our stand - let's show these cities that it WILL NOT BE BUSINESS AS USUAL!!!!! Let's stand STRONG on this. We must begin to be taken serious when we protest things. UNITED WE STAND... DIVIDED WE FALL.

Do not make any purchases on this day. PLEASE!!! DO NOT make any major purchases the day before or the day after otherwise the Black Out will be of no effect.

Pass it on so we can be effective.
Please spread to at least five other people and make sure you inform them to send the info to five other people, to spread the word.
National Black Out Day on November

Make It A Great Day `

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Howard Homecoming 2007

So... unless you know nothing about major HBCU homecomings, you should know that Howard's Homecoming has been going on all week. It's been a series of events from step shows, fashion shows, comedy shows, parades, the infamous Yardfest... it's crazy!

Personally... I didn't go to any of the events, although I had big plans to go to the fashion show, but sadly :( I had to change the dates for my dance team tryouts and yea... I couldnt do it. Maybe next year... But tomorrow is the YardFest and it's this little free concert held outside that has rappers and singers come in and... rap and sing lol. Last year I went and it was pretty wack. The people they said was gonna show up, didnt show up. They said Diddy, Nas, and Kelis, among others was gonna be there, but instead it was Monica, Nina Sky, www.brookevalentine.com and they guy that does the "Here's my, Ghetto Story"... u know the one with Alicia Keys, and some other people... OOHHHHHH my 5th husband www.treysongz.com performed, although I wasnt impressed by the fact that his braids wasnt fresh and... his wardrobe wasnt either. Oh well :) This year, I have NO CLUE who's performing. I'm mad they're keeping it a secret from the whole world cause the students at Howard have no clue either. I dont know about this...

Well... the weather man said that there's a big chance that it's gonna rain, which is not good AT ALL. Maybe if it was inside, it would be better, but, it's a yardfest so they HAVE to have it in the yard (LOSERS). So, if that doesn't happen. Lil Wayne (WEEZZZZYYYY!!) is supposed to be at H20. Im excited... VERY. He's by far the best rapper at the moment. The only problem Im having is the fact that 1: it's going to be PACKED! Because it's Lil Wayne. 2: I'm going to be at least 8 deep with people... it's not guaranteed that I can get all those people on the guest list (ugh), so some people may not be getting in free and 3: ITS GOING TO BE PACKED!! LOL ooh and it's going to rain :(. I hope everything works out. If not, there's always Fur on Saturday with the fraternity Kappa Alpha Psi.


Monday, October 15, 2007

My Weekend and MeMe Monday

Well... my weekend was great. I went home (Atlanta, Georgia) for the weekend, hung out with my mom and my best friend, also known as my little (14) sister. It was pretty great. Everytime me and my sister is together, I don't care if Im 20, I act like I'm 14 LOL. It's the only time I get to show some high energy and not have grown people look at me like... "What the he** is her problem?" LOL It's great. Saturday, I hung out with my sister and we watched Boyz N The Hood On Demand. We looked at the movie as a PURE comedy. FIRST, it was the little 10 year old with the greasy afro jerry curl, THEN, we laughed at the fact the Morris Chestnut had a gallon of milk in one hand, and **I think** an ice cream sandwich in the other hand... CLEARLY hungry and thirsty. THEN there was this one dude that was EATING his 40 haha... eating it. I mean, he was munching on it like it was a meal. LASTLY, there's this part where Cuba and Morris go and see Cuba's dad. There's this girl that walks by and they look at her. Only thing I noticed was the fact that she almost fell and they didn't cut that part off for that poor girl. We laughed for days on that one. hahaha GOOD TIMES. Now whenever you guys see Boyz in the Hood, you'll noticed the comedy in the movie.
So all in all... me and my sister act silly, my mom looks at us like we're silly. But at the same time, I PROMISE YOU, my mom is like the coolest mother to have. So my mom is tooo silly. Because she's young, I'll give her that. First of all... her song of the moment is "Hood Figga (Ni**a)" [Thank goodness she only knows the clean version haha] by Gorilla Zoe and Shoulda Let You Go by Keisha Cole (which she repeated 3 times in a row while we drove to downtown Atlanta Friday) PLUS she can GET IT with some 2 Step and Lean Wit it, Rock Wit It. I dunno if it's the south or what, but mothers aren't suppose to be that crunk... LOL

Anywho... that was my weekend in a nut shell. I caught up on some sleep, got to think A LOT about some things, and yea... it was laid back with plenty of chillaxing and meditation. To end this, here is a meme called "If You Could..."

1. If you could have your dream home, what are 5 “must haves” that you would want it to include? a customized kitchen (I plan to cook all the time), a customized bathroom (bathrooms are important), I'm big on stars and stuff and my dream house is gonna be in the middle of nowhere (clear from air pollution) so I can put in a see through ceiling so that I can see the stars every night (though the rain may start bothering me LOL), a very tall and glimmerous (yes... I made that one up) chandelier, and a beautiful family to share it with :)

2. If you could have your dream vehicle, what would it be? The $130,000 of my AMG SL55 Mercedes- Benz. Pitch black exterior, ruby red leather interior.. beautiful!

3. If you could change ONE thing about your life, what would it be and why?
Hmm... good question. I dont think I would change anything. Everything happens for a reason and you're supposed to learn from them. Yea, i've made mistakes in my life, but GUESS WHAT?? I'm human! Nobody's perfect and no one will be.

4. If you could change ONE thing about the way you look, what would it be and why?
One thing huh? I could tone more... but that can be done as soon as I stop being lazy already! Plus, I'm dancing, so that's helping me get back into shape

5. If you could be on a reality show (from Survivor to Dancing With the Stars to Top Chef), which one would you be on and why?
Definately America's Next Top Model. If I COULD, I'd try out, but I'm only 5ft5 and the height requirement is 5ft7

6. If you could be in the audience of any talk show (from Dr. Phil to Jay Leno), which one would you choose and why?
I guess you can call it a talk show: The Colbert Report

OMG, that man is too funny! I'm not too into politics, but he's the reason I know something about it.

Friday, October 12, 2007

MeMe Friday: Time to Vent

Ok, so it's FRIDAY MATE!! (LOL SpongeBob)
It's been a very very stressful week... VERY! From midterms and pulling almost all nighters with red bull and rockstar energy drinks on your side, to just pure drama. It's time to vent and let some stream off...

1) We never got to be friends first... that was our biggest problem
2) I wasn't ready then, but you push and pushed me making me ready. Do you see something wrong with that?
3) UGH 2 MORE YEARSSSSS and no more freakin midterms and finals
4) I don't/cant change for nobody... I'm me. If you don't like it... I dont know what to tell you
5) I HIGHLY recommend everyone seeing "Why Did I Get Married"... very good movie (I cried like 3 times I promise!)
6) Stop being so overdramatic!
7)Im stuck between a rock and a hard place... DECISIONS, DECISIONS
8) I know I need to make some changes in my life... I just need some time *alone* to make them
9) This isn't the end.
10) Yes, you was put through A LOT... MAYBE God is trying to tell you that you deserve better
11) I'm so busy, I can't even deal with my problems... what make you think I can handle someone else's
12) IM TIREDDDDDDD!! Give me time to sleep things offff!
13) God put you in my life for a reason. You're like my guardian angel and I'm so appreciative of you.

Ok... enough with the angry stuff.
I'm going to NEW YORK CITYYYYYY November 3rd and 4th... I'm really looking forward to it.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


LOL... so my title is a little over the top, SO WHAT!!!

I'm really excited about this modeling thing. I've only had one photoshoot and ALREADY, I'm getting offers from photographers, makeup artists, wardrobe stylists, and even other models... this is great! Here are some pics from the shoot:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I LOVE it... and I'm waiting for these other pics to make it to my inbox. My ULTIMATE goal with this modeling thing is to network network network... and if possible, make it to Essence Magazine and all others :)

I enjoy taking pictures, so this is great! :)

OH Yea i lied... NOW im on hiatus! LOL

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy...

I'm gonna be on hiatus for the rest for the week...

Im holding my dance tryouts this week, plus it's midterm week

Be Back Lata!! :)

Friday, October 5, 2007

Oh... I forgot the meme Friday...

1. Name 3 pet peeves of yours. No one said they had to make sense!

People not being prompt, bad hygiene, ignorance

2. Would you consider yourself to be a picky person (this can be in general or about specific things)? How so/how not?

YES... I'm picky with who I date, food, etc... nothing wrong with being picky if you want nothing less then the best :)

3.Would you consider yourself to be a creature of habit? Why/why not? Do you care? Why/why not?

Not really. I probably do have some habits that I dont really notice, but I can't think of anything and they probably dont bother anyone (whatever they are) cause no one's complaining. OHH... I may have a habit of being impatient, but I'm working on that...

AHHH How I LOVE Atlanta!

I can't believe that SO FAR I've counted about 20 Crank Dat Remixed... this is CRAZY!! Atlanta is going through a Crank Dat moment and it's getting OUT OF CONTROL!! From Crank Dat Sponge Bob to Crank Dat Road Runner, you can find the dance for you. Even Lil Wayne has a Crank Dat Weezy Wee LOL

The reason why I came across all these Crank Dat Remixes is because once I get my dance team up and running, we're going to show the team to the whole world. It's going to introduce the members and they're going to get 45 seconds to show off their skills. ME... since I'm from Atlanta (Home of the Crunk), I decided, although I hate everything Crank Dat, I was going to Crank SOMETHING lol. I was thinking Crank Dat Soulja Boi, but NO... everyone knows about that so I want to bring out something NOBODY would know (unless you're from Atlanta of course) and, being the best thing known to man, YouTube, showed me this:

I think it's just TOOOOOOO cute! And of course I'm going to put my little twist to it. I already know what I'm going to wear. Something simple... maybe some jeans, a white tee (that's how we do) and OF COURSE... an "A" hat!! I can't wait! haha


Thursday, October 4, 2007

Busy Busy Busy!!

It's seems like lately, I haven't had time for myself. A time to go to a spa, get a nice massage, mud bath, and all the works. Most people have 8 hour days, some have 12, but NO... I wake up at 6:30am and don't get home till 8:00pm sometimes... That almost 14 hours!!
My list of things to do follow:
Full-Time Student in College (4 classes... could of had 5, but that's another story) Midterms, papers and Finals are included
President of my college's dance team
20 hours/week working for the government (I wish they'd allow me to have more)
I'm starting to get into modeling and I'll be doing runways and photoshoots all the time (I'm crossing my fingers)
Community Service is calling my name Wednesdays, Saturdays, and maybe Sundays
Full-Time Friend

Ask me if I'm exhausted???

That's why I treasure the weekends that I go back home to Atlanta. I try to go at least twice a month, one of the many perks of my mom working at the airport... free flying! I'm going next Friday and I can't wait. My mom just bought a house and FINALLY got to decorating my room and I gotta be there (of course). I definately can't wait.

All in all... I'm complaining... BADLY! I need some me time, SOMETHING cause this is stressful. Being that I'm not use to this, maybe it's just me and I need to get over it, but when is it just TOO MUCH to handle?

I see all these working men and women working 9-5's... I work 6:30-8:00... is that too much? My mom told me "Welcome to Being an Adult" and I told her... that's easy for u to say being that you only work 8 hours a day, but on the other hand she IS a full-time mother. I guess this is apart of being an adult. Gosh it's a ball of stress!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Being Cheap... and letting off some steam...

OK... it's monday, last week was pretty stressing... here is a meme

1)Lying... enables your progression

2) Would you help a sista' out?

3) I don't care if you know someone famous... I KNOW MORE PEOPLE but you dont see me throwing it in your face... get a life! lol

4) I can listen to "Slap" by Ludacris ALLL day!

5) That really was a waste of breath but no worries... I still love u! (haha)

6) Being drunk does not excuse what you say to people

7) Being drunk is unattractive F.Y.I

8) I have little patience for your ignorace. I told you what I had to say, take it however you want

9) "the first one to go down a road does not see the curves"... (alittle African Proverb)

10)I'm right... you're wrong, get over it

11) You're a strong man...

12) You invite... u pay...

OK... branching off of number 12. Say someone invites you out somewhere... the movies I guess. Notice how I say "invite". You get to the movies and you get up to the cashier and he only pays for HIS ticket...

What kinda all hell is that??

LOL... OK, I'm gonna get something straight, I'm not materialistic what so ever, but at the same time, you don't invite somebody to go out with you and they're left to pay for their own stuff. Same thing goes for women. I believe that if you invite someone out, you pay... STOP BEING SO CHEAPPPP!!