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Saturday, June 21, 2008


I was reading this little book that I called titled If2... lol don't ask why I have the book. I have a TON of books. Many of them, for no reason they just seemed like a good buy at the time. But anyway, I think I'm going to take an "If" question once a week and answer it on the blog. Here it goes:

"If you had to name the one area of your life that you are the least self-disciplined in, what would it be?"

I would have to say school. Honestly, I don't need to be in school to do what I'm majoring in. Many people in the public relations field, especially for celebrities do not have a degree, but they know people. I know people, but I'm just doing school just to have some education on by back bone. I really don't like college. It's bites and it's annoying. I'm a BIG procrastinator when it comes to homework and studying. One thing that I hate is studying so OF COURSE I'm going to procrastinate lol

So... I'm going to leave this open and get some of my readers to ask me a question cause a lot of ya'll know nothing about me. I'll keep this post open for a while so you can ask me as many questions as you want... no limitations and I PROMISE you that I'll answer, NO MATTER what it is. :)

This should be quite interesting!! If you have a question you wanna keep anonymous, just email me at tj2626@gmail.com and i'll put my answer with you as being anonymous.

Friday, June 20, 2008

It's Been a Long Time

MANNNN... I've been busy!! I love Hooters, but it takes a lot of my time, I'm not complaing, but I need to invite more people to visit. All my fellow D.C.ers... come visit me!! lol... no seriously, go to Chinatown and ask for Tiara cause I'm so bored sometimes there...

Anywho, how's my readers doing?? LOL I have nothing at all to talk about, life has been pretty bland. Thinking about going to Adams Morgan tonight, that should be oodles of fun!! So yea... lol

Sunday, June 15, 2008

This Prison

I feel like a prisoner to life...

Everything I want, I can't get
Everything I need, I have no way of getting it
Every happiness I seek is hard to find
Everytime I feel alone, there's hardly no one around

But it's like, when you don't need something... it's flowing your way
When you need to be alone, someone is always around

I don't understand. I'm quite confused.

I'm so grateful: grateful for life, grateful for shelter, grateful for health, grateful for family and friends, grateful for food and water,

But somehow... everytime I ask for something, I seem... UNGRATEFUL...

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers, but most importantly to all the mothers that raised their children on their own... they deserve a "Happy Fathers Day" as well.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Tat Tat Tatted Up!!

I got into this little discussion with my co-worker a while back and it dawned on me again early yesterday. Me being that I have like 3 tattoos going on 4, I kind of get looked down upon by older people, but honestly, I don't care. My first tattoo holds a lot of controversy though.

So we was talking about tattoos on your lower back. At this point, he didn't know I had one on my lower back so basically, he said if you have one there, you have a tramp stamp, so youre a tramp. CLEARLY, I disagreed fully. I'm not a tramp, far from it, and I got the tattoo as "fashion" and it had nothing to do with anything sexual. Plus, it's not like it has no meaning. I straight up told him that and he tried to change his opinion talking about... "well, not all girls with them are tramps". I was like, whatever! And walked away.

I don't understand why people think that. I know plenty of people that have lower back tattoos and aren't tramps... well that I know of lol. It annoys the heck outta me, but I guess all are entitled to their own opinion... UgH.

How do you guys feels about tattoos??

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Venting/Telling it Like it is/ETC

I was inspired to do a little list :)... i have a lot on my mind and it's been a while since I've done one of these things. ENJOY!

1. I LOVE my life... like really. There have been some ups and downs, but I'm really feelin' my life right now LOL
2. YESSSSS THEY ARE REAL!!!!! (LOL not a lot of people will understand why I said that, but I have to say it)
3. I don't talk about love in my blog. I don't know why cause I have a lot to say about it.
4. I really want to memorize that Jazmine Sullivan- I Need You Bad... I LOVE singing that song!!
5. Wale is amazing... I LOVE HIM!!
6. I'm still upset my teacher gave me a B- in my Public Relations class... now I have to take it over cause I need to B to go to the next class... IM UPSET!!
7. I'm ready for a swimsuit photoshoot, I've worked out hard enough... and I HATE working out!
8. Some people can say the most ignorant things...
9. The only movie that's made me cry: Diary of a Mad Black Woman... Tyler Perry is the truth in screenwriting
10. Speaking of Tyler Perry... he reps Atlanta like there's no where better... and there isn't LOL
11. "Love what you do, Do what you love"
12. I need to find something to do tonight...
13. Yo... seriously... 2009 can't come any faster. I'm ready to graduate and move to NY/Spain/Italy.
14. Now that I think about it, so many ppl told me Spain was racist. I'm gonna take a veto and just move to NY/Italy
15. "Your all, I need, to get by..."
16. Imma need all my friends to stop being lazy lol... you know exactly who I'm talking about!!
17. Speaking of lazy.............
18. My shoe/purse collection is getting unruly... I shop too much LOL

Friday, June 6, 2008

MeMe Friday!!

The difficult I’ll do right now,

the impossible will take a little while

I took this MeMe last year and I thought I'd do it again, see if some of my answers changed:

This one is called top 5:

1. What are five TV shows that you love to watch?
House, America's Next Top Model, (guilty pleasure) Drake and Josh, Anything on HGTV, and Anything on the Travel Channel

2. What are the last five books you have read?
Harlem on Lock by (forgot the author)
Love is Never Painless by Zane
Office Girls (forgot the author)
A Gangster's Girl Saga- Chunichi
Hood- Nore
(I need some better fiction novels... any suggestions?)

3. Name five friends from your childhood.
Tara, Brittney, Caley, Kimberly, and Amber

4. What are your favorite five bath & beauty products?
Organic Shea Butter from the local flea market, my loofah sponge, my vegetarian facial wash from
Lush (herbalism), Lotta Colatta lip gloss from Victoria's Secret, and my signature fragrance Escada Island Kiss.

5. Name five things about you or that you have done in your life that might surprise other people.
a) I grew up poor
b) People don't know that I'm in Hip-Hop like hardcore... I love everything about Hip Hop, the culture, the music, the graffiti (and when I say Hip-Hop I don't mean this commercial stuff they got out... that's not Hip-Hop!). I know all the lyrics to Biggie's and Tupac's hottest songs... it's crazy. Guys in the clubs look at me like... Whaaaa?? when they see me rapping "One More Chance" LOL
c) I can sing, like BLOW... but that was middle school/high school, I don't sing anymore, I gave that up. When I was in 7th grade, I sang for
Jazze Pha and he LOVED me, but I was EXTREMELY shy back then so my singing career wasn't gonna happen. It's funny cause my mom saw him like 2 weeks ago and he asked about me... I left a good impression ain't that something??
d) I'm a Hooter's girl at the Hooters in Chinatown, D.C. I was one my freshman year, and then I came back for the summertime. It erks my nerves how some people think we're strippers and we have no morals in life. It's a job like any other job and quite frankly, it's the best job I've ever had cause the managers aren't uptight and we can dance, sing, whatever... our job is to have fun and make people's visits fun as well. But we don't take our clothes off and we definitely don't make stripper money like people think we do... YEA RIGHT! LOL
e) I want to be an interior designer. My mom thinks I'm kidding but I'm soo serious! Yea, I major in Public Relations, but I minor in Studio Art... what, they think I'm minoring in Art for my health?? LOL no... to understand art, color, form, volume, etc...
f) ***BONUS**** IM A GEEK!! lol I was a geek in high school, I'm a geek now, but people don't believe me. Come on, I read a new book every 3 days, and it's never the same topics, I can read African-American fiction, Non Fiction, comic books, cook books, traveling books, reference books, AP style dictionaries, etc... I love to read.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Washington, District of Columbia>>>My Thoughts

DCer:Hey, how are you doing?
Tiara(me): I'm fine, how are you?
DCer: I'm great. Where are you from?
Me: Born in St.Louis, Raised in Atlanta, up here for school
DCer: What school do you go to?
Me: American University
DCer: WOW! You're smart! How do you like DC?
DCer: You hate it? WHY?????

LOL... that a typical conversation that I have with people from DC. People want to know why I don't like D.C. that much. I just tell them, there's nothing to do around here! But it's deeper than that... It's not that I hate D.C., it's just... well... ok, here's my list lol, there's things that I don't like about D.C. and things that I just LOVE... my DCers, and ppl that have visited D.C... you be the judge:


1) Why the he** is the cost of living so high? Honestly... there's no reason for it! In Atlanta, I can rent a NICE apartment for about $500-600 a month, in D.C., ain't gonna happen. I can buy a AMAZING house for $150,000... in D.C... OOHHH NOOOO

2)It's too freakin cold (it's funny cause I want to move to New York when I graduate haha). But then in the summer time... ITS TOOO HOT!!!

3) People are MEAN! The first time I rode the metro, I got yelled at cause I was standing on the wrong side of the escaladers lol

4) Seriously... there's nothing much to do except go clubbing every day of the week. Seeing as I don't club like that, I need diversity. In Atlanta, there's a TON of events going on, especially during the summer. Live Jazz bands in the park for free with flea markets on the side. I can watch somebody play the saxaphone and buy some organic Shea Butter at the same time! lol

5) Ok, gas prices are high everywhere but come on... $4.50 from some Premium gas??? I don't understand.

6) What happened to the term "Chocolate City"??

7) Go-Go... everytime they play it on both major radio stations, I want to scream!! Sexy Lady, My Phatty, I'm Classy Not Trashy, Welcome to D.C. and all that is cool, but, I can only like so much.

8) The traffic and the streets. Why is there a New York Ave NW and a New York Ave NE????????? I can't tell you how many times I've gotten lost in D.C. lol and I have GPS on my phone!! And it takes me 15 minutes to get to work with no traffic... with traffic 30 minutes and it's never an accident, it's just too many dag on people in the streets

1) U Street- It's beautiful. So much art, so much history in one block. Bohemian Caverns, etc... I love it... except for the parking, but that can be overlooked.

2) The museums. I've only been to a hand full of museums but my goal is to go to *almost all of them (going to ALLL of them is impossible, but somebody has the Guiness World Record)

3) Georgetown (the city)- I love shopping, nuff said

4) It's really easy to find a job up here. In Atlanta... it's extremely difficult

It's sad, but that's about all that I can say about D.C. :(

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Ok... Time to Lighten Up the Mood

So... my last entry was depressing LOL. I had a lot on my mind and it seems like blogging is a great way to release it :). Now it's time to write about something happier haha.

Well, I've lately been on the Neo-Soul tip. I love everything about Neo-Soul, D.C. (besides freakin go-go), is filled with Neo-Soul and people that love the music as well. There's this place off the U Street called Bohemian Cavern. I love it. Every Wednesday they have open mic poetry and singing. I went there when there was a artist doing a mini concert and it was pretty hot. I felt like I was in Love Jones (My favorite movie by the way). I kind of went on a break from Hip-Hop and all I listen to on my car on the way to work is my Neo-Soul CD mix, Raheem DeVaughn, etc. I love it. I decided to dedicate this post to some of my favorite Neo-Soul songs:

Dwele-Old Lovas - Dwele

The Fact Is (I Need You) - Jill Scott

For Real - Amel Larrieux

On and On (A Capella) - Erykah Badu

Didnt Cha Know - Erykah Badu

Believe - Raheem DeVaughn

Marathon (All Night Long) - Raheem DeVaughn

Love Calls - Kem

Butterflykisses - Goapele

Musiq Soulchild - Previouscats - Musiq Soulchild

Tell Him - Lauryn Hill

Its Getting Late - Floetry

Good Man - India Arie

Far Away - Kindred the Family Soul

Fortunate - Maxwell

And there's sooooo many more...

Today is Neo-Soul day... it's an official holiday LOL

2 Jobs= Exhaustion!

Ok so I haven't really been blogging like that because I just got 2 jobs and they're both full time. Honestly, I feel exhausted to the MAX. I get no sleep, probably 3 hours max a day, but the only thing I can say is that the pay is really really great and up my alley. I don't see how people can do it... I don't think I'd ever want to get use to not getting AT LEAST 6 hrs of sleep cause I don't know about other folks, but I get really cranky when my slumber is interrupted so I decided I needed a solution... I need to choose a job! Funny thing is, my decision was already made because as of yesterday, I'm getting laid off and funny thing also is... I really don't care haha.

I've devoted 1 1/2 years to my government job and within those years, I've never gotten any work to do. Every time I've tried to get another job, my bum supervisors would tell people that I don't do work and I'm always on the computer but IN REALITY... I get my work done on time and what do they expect me to do... look at the computer screen for 8 hours? He** no... not gonna happen. Funny thing ALSO is, although they've given me a bad rap, they've kept me here this long... HMMMM... sounds really weird, but I already know why they kept me so long: because they know I know people and I can easily sue them for all they're worth.

Now, my office isn't no regular office. There's some serious Jerry Springer issues up in here LOL. There's two parts: the area where they deal with mail and supplies, and the area that deals with administrative work around the whole building like maintenance, phones, technology, etc. I work in the administrative area, and that's known as the "stuck up area". People in my area don't talk to the mail and supplies area, and that pisses them off. Me of course, I don't care. I'm cool with the back area, but the area that I'm in is where my issue lies. In my area is where my two supervisors are at. One is Middle Eastern, the other is black. The Middle Eastern guy treats EVERYONE bad and discriminates on everyone except for this Asian chick that gives me my work to do. Note that he use to call her Little Titty that in his language supposedly meants "little girl" (cause she's really small), but we ALL knew the deal. I heard that the black supervisor was extremely nice and friendly, and ever since the Middle Eastern guy came, he's done a 180 on everyone... he's absolutely SCARED of the guy, and I really don't know WHY cause he's not all that big and bad.

But anyway, my issue is that me and the Asian girl had clashed many times and I'm just fed up. She talks to me like I'm a little child whenever no one's around and when I complain, my supervisors always tell me that she doesn't talk like that, maybe I'm making it up... hmmm... something's going on with her and the supervisor. That's another story, but lets say she gets all types of promotions that nobody else gets, she gets paid more than most of the people, and she doesn't have the level of education that she was suppose to have to keep her job (10 years ago), and she can't speak English or do simple math and she's in charge of the budget... LOL... you figure it out.

Anyway, I'm not with ranting and raving about this job anymore. I'm absolutely over this and I'll be glad when someone comes in and knows the President or something and runs my supervisor out of the office cause something's gotta give. Until then... IM OUT THIS PIECE LIKE CHICKEN GREASE!! hahaha