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Friday, October 12, 2007

MeMe Friday: Time to Vent

Ok, so it's FRIDAY MATE!! (LOL SpongeBob)
It's been a very very stressful week... VERY! From midterms and pulling almost all nighters with red bull and rockstar energy drinks on your side, to just pure drama. It's time to vent and let some stream off...

1) We never got to be friends first... that was our biggest problem
2) I wasn't ready then, but you push and pushed me making me ready. Do you see something wrong with that?
3) UGH 2 MORE YEARSSSSS and no more freakin midterms and finals
4) I don't/cant change for nobody... I'm me. If you don't like it... I dont know what to tell you
5) I HIGHLY recommend everyone seeing "Why Did I Get Married"... very good movie (I cried like 3 times I promise!)
6) Stop being so overdramatic!
7)Im stuck between a rock and a hard place... DECISIONS, DECISIONS
8) I know I need to make some changes in my life... I just need some time *alone* to make them
9) This isn't the end.
10) Yes, you was put through A LOT... MAYBE God is trying to tell you that you deserve better
11) I'm so busy, I can't even deal with my problems... what make you think I can handle someone else's
12) IM TIREDDDDDDD!! Give me time to sleep things offff!
13) God put you in my life for a reason. You're like my guardian angel and I'm so appreciative of you.

Ok... enough with the angry stuff.
I'm going to NEW YORK CITYYYYYY November 3rd and 4th... I'm really looking forward to it.

1 comment:

Organized Noise said...

Let me find out you're coming to my city. Holla atcha boy.