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Friday, October 26, 2007

Mario... WOW

I feel in love with him when he first came out with that "Just A Friend 2000" song. Since then, I've supported his music through thick and then. Last week, I saw this documentary on MTV that was DEEP... so deep that I felt for him and almost shed some tears. Mario is a STRONG man... so strong that I had to do a standing ovation after looking at this piece. You would never know by looking at him that he had some BIG issues going on in his family. His mother was a serious heroin addict and he begged and pleaded for YEARS to get her to stop. Hopefully what he did at the end (Im not going to tell... you have to watch it), she'll be finally cured from her addiction. I shall keep him and his family in my prayers... even if I dont know the guy, it doesn't matter :). Everyone deserves a prayer.

I just thought I'd like to share. Despite all the rumors about his "sex tape on his cell phone", I still got love for Mr. Mario... he's an amazing person with and amazing voice.


Obinwanne said...

im the first, i never knew all his about him, but i respect him for his voice, and i guess i loved him more on the movie he did....

Afrodite said...

Yeah, I saw that. It was very touching. Me and my girls were watching thinking that this show needs to be in the MTV or MTV2 lineup.