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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Great Michael Baisden... MEN CHEAT MORE

I've taken a liking into Baisden. I've read 3 of his books (Maintenance Man, God's Gift to Women and Why Men Cheat). I also try to listen to his talk show whenever I'm in the car on my way home from school.

In the light of his book "Why Men Cheat", I was talking to E2Deep about the subject of cheating. One thing that stuck out was he said that he "heard" a statistic saying that women cheat more then men. Honestly... I dont believe in statistics, and even more so, I STRONGLY don't believe in that stat. Women cheat on men MORE???? NOOOOOOO There HAS to be something wrong with that...

Now I dont necessarily believe that all men are dogs because it wouldnt be fair. Many men are not dogs, but sorry to say... men are bigger whores then women... Am I wrong?? (**ut oh i feel some controversy coming**) And quite frankly... if you're offended, you must fit in that category (Im seriously using the First Amendment).

First of all... I have plenty of males friends that are whore... no names given... and I've asked them why they are that way. Some say because women ask for it, some say because they're young, some say because they can do it and nobody looks at them bad like they would a woman if they do the same thing, and some even say.. because they can... ughh

My thing is... I think men cheat more because they use their other head when it comes to sex. Women are too emotional to let it go down with just anyone (although in this new age.... some women don't care just like men, but that's not enough to make that stat so high for women)

Now I'm going to turn the mic over to my readers and I want to know what you all think... who do YOU think cheats more... women or men?? Why?

MemeAHolic has inspired me to write a meme every monday and friday =]


E2Deep said...

Well you already know who I’m going to say! WOMEN. Just like Eddie Murphy said in his DVD Delirious, Women are like sneaky cats. Yall know how to carry secrets to the end. It’s easy for a woman to start having feelings for another man; it’s up to that man to keep his woman.

All we ask for is to keep the sex interesting and show that you care and we wouldn’t want other women. But there are men that just can’t keep there things in there pants.

SistaSocialite said...

@ E2Deep

It's true that women use their emotions more, but at the same time... they may to too emotional for their lover to go to another man's home...

faithfulfool said...

I've been reading these for a while and never really said much. While I agree that there are probably more manwhores out there than female ones, I believe that's more cause many guys see "love" or dating or whatever as a game you play til you find someone you want to actually have a serious relationship with. It's relatively easy to find a girl to sleep with. All you really need is a little confidence and a few compliments and you’ll get pretty far with many girls. Most importantly, people don't care. But this doesn't have anything to do with cheating, since there's no reason to get in a relationship if you're not looking for one. Guys cheat cause they want something to hit something new and don't want to give up whatever it is they have. If they’re honest with themselves, they’d probably just drop the girl they’re with. Women cheat cause whoever they're with isn't treating them like he was at the beginning. And for many men, keeping up with the romance isn't high on their list of priorities, for various reasons. Since the women of our generation are more independent, they'll find what they need elsewhere. Sad thing is, at least from what I see about the girls at HU, they always seem to end up messing with the same type of guy as the one they're cheating on. Anyway, if you just consider today's generation, I'd say men and women are pretty equal when it comes to cheating.

Damn, that was longer than I expected.

The Narcist said...

men cheat more but women are much much better at it.

SistaSocialite said...

@ faithful fool- yeaaa.... its a stretch to say that it's equal... just a stretch lol

@Narcist- agreed

Muze said...

i agree with the narcist. TOTALLY agree. lol.