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Monday, September 24, 2007

No Longer a TEEN... MeMe Monday BIG 13

I know it's kind of early, but in dedication of turning 21 soon (ok... 5 months is soon! LOL), here's a special meme

13 Reasons why I'd rather have a root canal then to go back to being a teenager...

1)Having to deal with BOYS who can only talk to you over the phone because the 5 minutes you have in between classes isn't enough.
2) Curfews
3) Back problems from carrying all your books in a book bag
4) Breaking up over email
5) Cliques
6) Having some girl hate you because of who knows... she might not even have a reason. She just dont like you because you dress better then her or some crap like that...
7) PE and the whole going outside and walking a mile in 95 degree Atlanta weather
8) Not being able to wear whatever you want to wear to school (my school didn't let us wear flip flops... i thought that was tooooo much
9) Geometry... I promise you... I never liked it... never will
10) Rowdy, noisy school buses
11) Having to raise your hand to use the bathroom
12) Will you go out with me? Circle yes no maybe (hahaha cute... but no...)
13) Gossip as a teenager was FAR worse then gossip as an adult...


Lola Gets said...

Oh Id go back to being a teenager, I had a great time, lol.

GASD said...

woderful words...

and thanx for the link the support is apprciated .... online store drops OCT 1 u gotta cop a tee lady


Organized Noise said...

#4 - I once got dumped via IM

#5 & 6 - They still exist as an adult. Just wait until you start working

#12 - Sometimes I wish dating was that simple

#13 - No its not. Gossip is MUCH WORSE as an adult.

SistaSocialite said...

@ Lola
Yea I'd probably go back for like a month, but there's some things about being a teenager that need to be left alone! lol

@ Gas'd
I'll check that out. Thanks!

@Organized Noise
I think everyone has been dumped on IM or dumped someone... That's probably going to be the "thing" to do in 5 years lol

As for the cliques and hating... I've seen that now working for the government... it's rediculous, but in high school... it was annoying

UGH gossip... ughh lol

Muze said...

umm yeah. sorry to disappoint you honey...but most of these still exist as an adult. lol. the problems all just get bigger. lol. but the fun gets much better too...so it's a trade off i guess.

SistaSocialite said...

LOl I guess i have a lot more to learn then I thought about "adulthood" lol