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Thursday, September 20, 2007

All Black & Early MeMe

Today was the day that Mychal Bell was sentenced to 15 years in jail :(. I'm truly keeping his family, as well as everyone else involved in Jena 6, in my prayers.

Today is wear all black (for unity) or green (for growth, I believe). Me personally... I have on black, but it's anyone's choice :)

So on a lighter note, I'm not going to be able to blog tomorrow because I'm going out of town to Indiana for a wedding, so here's an early MeMe

This one is called top 5:

1. What are five TV shows that you love to watch?

Family Guy, America's Next Top Model, Anything on Travel Channel (I consider that one channel), South Park (guilty pleasure), Anything on the History Channel... *bonus* My Wife and Kids

2. What are the last five books you have read?

ooh wow.. all I do is read and I dont remember some of them... excluding the personal finance book I have to read for school... Addicted by Zane, God's Gift to Women by Michael Baisden, Confessions of a Video Vixen by Karrin Steffens, Maintenance Man by Michael Baisden, and umm.... 1 more... Secret Society (forgot the author's name)

3. Name five friends from your childhood. Tara, Brittney, Caley, Kimberly, and Amber

4. What are your favorite five bath & beauty products? My loofah sponge, my victoria's secret "lota colada" lip gloss, Sugar Warm Vanilla lotion from Bath and Body Works, Cashmere body wash by Caress? (don't quote me on that... it's along the lines of Caress or Dove...), and natural Shea Butter from your local flea market :)

5. Name five things about you or that you have done in your life that might surprise other people.
hmm... good question

a) I'm president of my dance team (this would surprise my best friend because back in 8th grade she swore up and down that I couldnt dance if my life depended on me haha... maybe I was alittle off back them, but that was determination to prove her wrong and GUESSSSS WHATTT??????

b) People look at me and don't think in a million years that I would be hard core into Hip-Hop. I know anything from Biggie to Tupac, to Common to Mos Def... I love the culture of Hip-Hop, even though I don't look the part

c) The weirdest song in my ipod that NO ONE would think would be in there... "Beautiful Day" by U2... yea... i love it!

d) I'm 20!!! LOL (i couldnt think of anything serious). Most people think I'm 17 and I'm kind of tired of that lol. Thing is... I dont even dress like I'm 17, I dress like I'm 21 at that, but still I get that, "Are you 18?" question.

e) hmm... i dunno... i guess i'll say something random. I use to work at hOOters as a "hOOter's girl". Contrary to many people's beliefs, we are not strippers (LOL). And it's pretty secured. We had a "body guard" and guys didn't really get unruly with us. I NEVER had a instance where someone got crazy towards me. I actually LOVED that job... it was really fun and laid back. Only thing I didn't like was the fact that we had to wear make-up cause im not big on all that and the shift were kind of funky.

This is IZZY... local rapper from Washington, D.C. Connected with Nick Cannon and guess what?? Doing it big with Uncle Jazze Fizzzlleee!.. he's noteworthy... me likes! :)


philosopher said...

yes it is my room. nice huh? lol. i painted.

Muze said...

i almost worked at hooters in atl. of course, that was back when i actually had hooters. lol.

i love that song by u2..you're awesome for that.

and antm...oh yeah! hope your wedding was fun. adios!