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Friday, September 14, 2007


THIS GUY (whom I know oh so personally) seems to think that women are easy with a simple formula (attention + a compliment= a woman's heart). Honestly, I wasn't offended because I think he's telling the truth, but when he said that if women don't respect themselves, why should he... I told him *personally* that that was ignorant... no... IGNANT! OK... so some women ask for it. I remember when I was in Miami for Memorial Day weekend and there was some females that had little to nothing on WONDERING why all the guys were calling them out of their names AND touching them in all the wrong places. HONESTLY, they asked for it! And then there are women that have been through some stuff and are truly sick. I dont think that gives a man the right to take full advantage of them. Some women may not respect themselves, but at the same time... many of them don't ask for it. Feel me? I feel like I'm confusing myself haha.

Anyways... He likes controversy and a good debate. Got to his page HERE and give him a piece of your mind. OHH and let me know what you think at well =]



E2Deep said...

I will take "sick" as in physically and emotionally abused.

SistaSocialite said...