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Thursday, September 27, 2007


OK, this is kind of controversial:

The new dollar seems to be missing something... can u find it??
YES YOU'VE GUESSED IT! (LOLOL) It's missing "In God We Trust".

Ok, so Christians around the world are kind of angry and sending out emails saying "Don't accept the new dollar". Honestly, before I got the email, I didn't know anything about this (I know, I know... im slacking on my current events). This is crazy because I don't think anyone has a right to get angry over this (Am I right?).

1st of all, it says in GOD we trust, not in Allah, not in Buddah, but GOD. I not against this, because they should have done this a long time ago. I'm not atheist or anything... I am a Christian and I believe in God, but at the same time... this world is full of so many different cultures. I don't think it's fair to single out anyone. It's like when I was in elementary, high school, and middle school, EVERYONE was required to stand up in say the "Pledge of Allengience" and it said "Under God". Just a couple of years ago did they ban saying the pledge all together in schools. US currency is the next thing...

What do u guys think?

**Ok I just talked to my coworker about this and he seems to have STRONGGGGGGG opinions about this. He says that the constitution is based on God, and all other people that have different beliefs are just "visitors". The United States beliefs in God and "In God" the United States trust**

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>I did some research on this whole new dollar coin thing and this is what I came across. APPARENTLY... it just doesn't appear on the front or backs, but rather on the side of the coin... I feel dumb right about now hahahaha

But still... what if it was taken off the coin? How would u feel about it?


E2Deep said...

I mean who really looks on the side of the coin????

SistaSocialite said...

haha... RIGHT!