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Monday, September 17, 2007

Dance Team Prezzz

Ok, so I'm president of my school, American University's, Hip Hop Dance Team known as the OC (Organized Chaos, formerly known as The Jump Off). Recently I realized having a high position in ANYTHING is hard work. This is pretty good cause it's like practice for my leadership. I'm trying to have my own business and holding the position as the President is good!

So... the last two weeks have been nothing but stress and happiness: Meeting deadlines and everything of course, but in the end, everything has came into place and I'm ready for try outs (YESSS EXCITING!!). I plan to do alot with this dance team. Have dance battles, parties, fundraisers... the works.

Anywho. Im at work, just got here, and ready to leave... but what's new? LOL

This isnt a very exciting post hahaha... and I doubt anyone will comment, but hey... im trying to have a post a day


Organized Noise said...

Congratulations, madam president. Now, if only we could work on a slight name change for the team. Chaos just sounds so . . . hectic. Let's see if we can come up with a replacement for Chaos. Something that sounds a little easier to organize. I'll be back when I think of something. ;-)

SistaSocialite said...

LOL that's the point of it. It's organized chaos because they're opposites... opposites attract.

Plus, it's kind of too late to change the name now. :) I'll leave it to consideration if u can think of something better, but OC is catchy...