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Monday, July 2, 2007

**I'm back in FULL EFFECT!**


I'm sitting here at my first day at work since May 12th listening to some Neo-Soul on my red (PRODUCT) iPod waiting until that 3:45pm mark comes so I can go home, then go shopping, then go to the gym, then sneak a nap in, then cook (or shall we say... microwave, although I can cook, I'm not in the cooking mood right now), then watch CW and sleep after a long 8 hour day at the wonderful government job of the National Institutes of Health in D.C. ::Hold on... I gotta take a breathe::... I think about the summer and what's ahead of me...

I might just try this modeling thing... REALLY this time! Runways sound fun, and although I'm not the proper height (5ft5 1/2... 5ft 8 or 9 1/2 in the proper heels)... I can still do it! I NEED TO FIND A PHOTOGRAPHER TO DO SOME SHOTS FOR ME!! Anybody in the D.C./Maryland/ Virginia area know a good one??
I'm also trying to get really serious about this PR thing too. I already have a potential job promoting for the clubs 1223 and Love (www.lovetheclub.com) and I want to get some party planning in there as well... FUN!!

Most importantly... I WANT TO BE SUCCESSFUL!!

But let's just focus on this summer for now...
My plan is to find a modeling agency or a good designer, do a couple of runway shows, maybe take pics for magazines...dang America's Top Model pisses me off with their 5ft7' height requirement!... work my 9-5 (or in this case 7:30-3:30), and do the club promoting/party planning thing until I can find some REAL and TALENTED singers or rappers to represent and get their names on the map... I can't deal with wackness...

OOO... shopping sounds sooo good right now!

P.S... IM BACK!!!!!!!!! haha

1 comment:

Omar Ramon said...

Welcome back, although I've never read your blog before now. thanx for your comment i appreciate the love mama.

Ay , if you need a writer, i gotcha! I gotta hear ya sing tho...I don't like writin for folk that can't hold a note LOL No offense but I ain't tryna have nobody mess up one of my songs.