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Monday, July 23, 2007


Im not having a good day AT ALLLL!! Wonder why I haven't updated in a week? Well, I usually update at work but my supervisor had this GREAT idea that "Let me f*** up Tiara's day and tell her she can't get on the internet anymore". I mean... I DONT GET WORK AS IT IS and I DONT GET ON BAD WEBSITES! The most I get on is websites with news on it and blogs THATS IT! Probably facebook and myspace occassionally but other than that... WHAT's the PROBLEM?
So basically he wants me to sit at my cube and look at my computer for 8 hours??? OOO H-E- double hockey stick NOOOOO UUHHH ignance. I have had it up to here with him as well. He favors this one chick and calls her pet names... UMM>>>> WHAT KIND OF MESS IS THAT??
This is truely unfair so right now i'm in the works of finding a new job (and a better paying one at that)!

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