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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

80s is takin OVA!!

And I must admit... IM GIVING IN!!

Style has changed and it seems as though its gone back a couple of decades, I'm LOVIN IT!

The big gold chains, door knocker gold earrings, the shiny and colorful jogging pants suits that I had in every color is coming back, the jeans that look like they got caught being washed with the whites (i.e. bleach spots everywhere), the mohawks, big, snowglob glasses, PLASTIC square sunglasses... OMG, when will this madness end??? I HOPE NOT SOON CAUSE IM LOVIN IT!! The one thing I'm not getting and its erkin my nerves to the N is those dang headscarves over the neck... never and I mean NEVER will I be caught with it on. I mean, dont get me wrong, its not for me, but it may look good on others... Also...
The whole punk rock thing is coming to play as well. I think guys in Ed Hardy, fitted (but loose) jeans (Think Usher U Got it Bad), skull wallet chains, mixed with the jumbo gold chains is sexy dude... just SEXY lol.

The evolution of 80s music has also caused an evolution of music. The new song called Aunt Jackie coming from New York is pretty hot. The dance... although I can dance my butt off... I can't seem to get the whole Chicken Noodle Soup clap ya hands thing down... watch the video and see if u get it lol

Click THIS if the video doesn't show up

ALSO... I LOVE LOVE LOVE Avril's Girlfriend featuring Lil Mama... She rockin the 80s thing too.. LOVIN the yellow pull over!

Click THIS is the video doesn't show up

1 comment:

hottnikz said...

They don't play that Aunt Jackie song here in Philly, but trust me I aint missing it. I guess it's cool for the kids though. Lil Mama is on the come up though, I like her. Not too grown for her age. Btw, thanks for stopping by my blog, I'll be stopping by again to check you out.