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Thursday, July 5, 2007

True TALENT is almost dead... just like Hip-Hop (lmao)

IM SO HAPPY IT MAKES OTHER PEOPLE SICK!! lol... Everyone has their issues, and Im definately NOT an exception, especially as of recently, but u know what... GOTTA THINK POSITIVELY AND THATS EXACTLY WHAT IM DOING!! =]

Moving on...

I'm starting to realize that it's sooo soo sooo hard finding TRUE and UNIQUE talent for the music business, I mean HARD. Gosh... I don't know what to do! I'm trying to do this entertainment public relations thing, but it seems like I'm pushing my luck with some people that I'm messing with. I mean, some people I'm dealing with are, IIGHT but I just can't seem to find a prototype uughh it's annoying. I feel like I should just do the modeling industry or something... it's easy! All you gotta do is find a pretty/handsome face with a nice body plus a good height and BAM... you got a model haha. But my passion is singing and I dont want to take the easy way out... I LOVE a challenge.

So I'm faced with a couple of issues. Sometimes I feel like I'm being lazy with the PR stuff. I have connections, it's not like I'm in a hole cause it is who u know and not what u know when it comes to this industry (or having a career in ANYTHING period, point, blank). At the same time, it has nothing to do with laziness, it's just I dont want to go to my connects with some crap and they look at me like I'm crazy and tell me "You lost a connection with this s***, don't ever embarrass me nor yourself with this ever again" hahahaha
So I gotta come correct with these people and I dont think anyone is worthy of my connects yet... IM not even worthy haha (although I hate to admit!). I mean, I can sing or whatever, but I'm sooo shy and nervous when it comes to singing that it's just like... what is the point in trying to have a singing career? I have all the confidence in the world, but singing in front of people that I hardly know is nerve recking (unless Im on a stage... then I can sing my butt off lol).

I got a rapper and a singer that I'm really really trying to get on the scene cause they are... how do u say... PERFECT... (haha) and hook them up... so we'll see what happens!

My modeling thing is still in works... will keep u posted =] Cant wait!!

Oh... and Im gonna have a new blog, basically a little mini story, and another blog where I update with the newest songs smokin! lol... maybe another one just for pure funny entertainment.. who knows??

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