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Wednesday, May 9, 2007


I love these two!!

Nas is one of the best rappers alive...and Kelis is just BOSSY!! Loves it!!

So... change in plans for my summer break... BASICALLY I'm gonna be living in Atlanta/St.Louis for the summer with breaks to Jamacia, LA, and Miami... FUN!! I was suppose to work full time in D.C. for the summer but ehhh... not gonna work. I haven't been home for a summer since 2004... I think it's time for a break!! Im gonna be working though, whether I stay in St.Louis for the summer or in Atlanta... I CANT WAIT!!

uughhh...= I need a hug!!

MY LAST FINAL IS TODAY!! YAY... that reminds me... maybe I should study while I have oobers of time on my hands :)

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EverybodyLovesMC said...

jus browsing, im new here, but uhh nas is one of the best rappers alive even tho ppl dont notice it and im in dc working 2 jobs the whole summer so id gladly switch places with u lol