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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

When chocolate just isn't enough...


OMG Just when I thought my dude Chris from Making the Band 4 was gonna make it to ATLEAST the final 10... Diddy threw up the Dueces and sent him on his way home. I gotta say, the last episode of Making the Band was sooo emotional. They was about to battle and Brian A. was first. He started singing the first verse of "End of the Road" and all the a SUDDEN the other dudes pop off with the chorus. I was like WHOA!!! Im sitting in the house clapping up a storm from what happened. And they sounded GOOD!! Then they put the camera on Diddy's nonchalant face and I was like... DUDE... SMILE!! He's sooo tight faced sometimes and as much as I wanna work for him the near future (by no means am i trying to get a record deal with him, but rather PR or something along those lines.. maybe plan one of his White Parties... who knows. N E WHO). It was really emotional, he pissed me off when he brought in all those other dudes talking about... they gon take ya spots! I was like NO!! I like the dudes they got now, but Diddy is never satisfied so hey... Diddy gets whatever he wants sometimes so I aint mad at him AT ALL. Then at the end when he picked the final people, i was ooh soo happy that Julius made it, but once again, I was P.O.ed at the fact that Chris was short. I mean, YEA he couldnt sing, but he could dance his butt off! PLUS he was improving so well with his vocals... ooh well... I was surprised when that one dude (whose name I cant put my finger on cause he was so quiet and stuff) started crying talking about "Where imma go? That was my house! blah blah blah" I was like awwww =[. Then old dude from New Edition busted out with "We love you, but we ain't in love with you". WHOA... u cold hearted bastard lol

WELL... this is my tribute to Chris :] When I get famous, I'm gonna put him in one of my videos lol

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natural muze said...

hey, thanks for stopping by my page....now about making the band, i LOVE this show. it is truly my guilty pleasure. i hate to disagree with you, but i think chris should have never even MADE IT onto the show, period. he not only can not sing, he sounds HORRIBLE. those tears aren't fooling me, he was just trying to get out of singing..lol.

the guy who was crying was dre'...and i didn't particularly like him anyway. so far my favs are:
brian a
brian h
...aww forget it...i like them all! lol.