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Monday, July 16, 2007

Mondays SUCK!!

Ya know... it's kind of annoying knowing when ppl come to your page, but somehow... nobody wants to comment or let u know they stopped by LQTM. I have this funky little counter that lets me know how many people visit my page and where they are from... it's kind of fun, but scary at the same time cause it lets you know they're browser settings, what page they visited, what page they clicked on to exit from your page and blah blah blah... yea, I KNOW who comes on my page (that sounds kind of stalkerish, if that's a word haha) But anywho, since the begining of this month, I've had a total of 248 visits to my page and only about .0000004444 to infinity and beyond percent of those people actually comment... anyone can comment!! I dont care who you are... just let me know that you stopped by if that's not too much trouble! =] Thanks!

I thought this was kind of funny...

Ricky Smiley is off the chain with this one... the honey bun thing at the end... ugh.. dont bother cause it's wack!

I finally cut allllllll my hair off! It's kind of funky, it's growing on me, but I kind of like it already. My hairdresser was talking about... "I can't wait to dye it!" I was like... i can't wait either It looks a little too plain to me. I mean, I got it spiked at the top, but it's still plain. I'll post pictures up asnaps.

I'm kind of bored... ugh I wish I could stay in bed all day!! Mondays are the worse man... ooh well... I'm making money and BOY DO I WORK HARD FOR IT!


I'm not a BIG fan of 50 cent AT ALLLLLLL but... I'm definately feeling this song 4 real!



philosopher said...

pictures of the hair!!

I want to cut mine into a bob-type cut but i'm scared to do it.

natural muze said...

hey. this is me commenting...lol. i know the feeling. i've had over 150 visitors this WEEK and like 10 comments. lol. a friend told me that some people just like to lurk though...just because they enjoy reading what you write.

so how short is your hair? is it natural? well, you said spiked, so i guess not. i'd like to see some pics though! hope all is well...

Cat Hill said...

Hey I know exactly what you're talkin about. it feels like i post for nothin then i realize people are comin to my page they're just commenting. while you're at support my blog by leaving a comment lol!

Cat Hill said...

uh oh typo i meant to say they're just not commenting.