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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

2 Jobs= Exhaustion!

Ok so I haven't really been blogging like that because I just got 2 jobs and they're both full time. Honestly, I feel exhausted to the MAX. I get no sleep, probably 3 hours max a day, but the only thing I can say is that the pay is really really great and up my alley. I don't see how people can do it... I don't think I'd ever want to get use to not getting AT LEAST 6 hrs of sleep cause I don't know about other folks, but I get really cranky when my slumber is interrupted so I decided I needed a solution... I need to choose a job! Funny thing is, my decision was already made because as of yesterday, I'm getting laid off and funny thing also is... I really don't care haha.

I've devoted 1 1/2 years to my government job and within those years, I've never gotten any work to do. Every time I've tried to get another job, my bum supervisors would tell people that I don't do work and I'm always on the computer but IN REALITY... I get my work done on time and what do they expect me to do... look at the computer screen for 8 hours? He** no... not gonna happen. Funny thing ALSO is, although they've given me a bad rap, they've kept me here this long... HMMMM... sounds really weird, but I already know why they kept me so long: because they know I know people and I can easily sue them for all they're worth.

Now, my office isn't no regular office. There's some serious Jerry Springer issues up in here LOL. There's two parts: the area where they deal with mail and supplies, and the area that deals with administrative work around the whole building like maintenance, phones, technology, etc. I work in the administrative area, and that's known as the "stuck up area". People in my area don't talk to the mail and supplies area, and that pisses them off. Me of course, I don't care. I'm cool with the back area, but the area that I'm in is where my issue lies. In my area is where my two supervisors are at. One is Middle Eastern, the other is black. The Middle Eastern guy treats EVERYONE bad and discriminates on everyone except for this Asian chick that gives me my work to do. Note that he use to call her Little Titty that in his language supposedly meants "little girl" (cause she's really small), but we ALL knew the deal. I heard that the black supervisor was extremely nice and friendly, and ever since the Middle Eastern guy came, he's done a 180 on everyone... he's absolutely SCARED of the guy, and I really don't know WHY cause he's not all that big and bad.

But anyway, my issue is that me and the Asian girl had clashed many times and I'm just fed up. She talks to me like I'm a little child whenever no one's around and when I complain, my supervisors always tell me that she doesn't talk like that, maybe I'm making it up... hmmm... something's going on with her and the supervisor. That's another story, but lets say she gets all types of promotions that nobody else gets, she gets paid more than most of the people, and she doesn't have the level of education that she was suppose to have to keep her job (10 years ago), and she can't speak English or do simple math and she's in charge of the budget... LOL... you figure it out.

Anyway, I'm not with ranting and raving about this job anymore. I'm absolutely over this and I'll be glad when someone comes in and knows the President or something and runs my supervisor out of the office cause something's gotta give. Until then... IM OUT THIS PIECE LIKE CHICKEN GREASE!! hahaha


philosopher said...

She can't speak english? lol

one soulful negro. said...

well i am sorry you got laid off, but glad that you're allowing yourself to look at the positive and that you're getting out of the negative environment you're in now.

and the fact that ol'girl can't speak english is a mess.

SistaSocialite said...

LOL @philospher- It's like broken english but half the time she says something to me and I just shake my head like 'yea' and then ask someone else if they understood her... it was crazy

@one soulful negro- yea, I gotta stay positive. It happened for a reason and I'm just glad I have a back-up job

C. Baptiste-Williams said...

you just gotta love the rants and raves of the Gubment workers... with that guarenteed retirment I'd be pissed if the job was too cushy. LOL