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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Washington, District of Columbia>>>My Thoughts

DCer:Hey, how are you doing?
Tiara(me): I'm fine, how are you?
DCer: I'm great. Where are you from?
Me: Born in St.Louis, Raised in Atlanta, up here for school
DCer: What school do you go to?
Me: American University
DCer: WOW! You're smart! How do you like DC?
DCer: You hate it? WHY?????

LOL... that a typical conversation that I have with people from DC. People want to know why I don't like D.C. that much. I just tell them, there's nothing to do around here! But it's deeper than that... It's not that I hate D.C., it's just... well... ok, here's my list lol, there's things that I don't like about D.C. and things that I just LOVE... my DCers, and ppl that have visited D.C... you be the judge:


1) Why the he** is the cost of living so high? Honestly... there's no reason for it! In Atlanta, I can rent a NICE apartment for about $500-600 a month, in D.C., ain't gonna happen. I can buy a AMAZING house for $150,000... in D.C... OOHHH NOOOO

2)It's too freakin cold (it's funny cause I want to move to New York when I graduate haha). But then in the summer time... ITS TOOO HOT!!!

3) People are MEAN! The first time I rode the metro, I got yelled at cause I was standing on the wrong side of the escaladers lol

4) Seriously... there's nothing much to do except go clubbing every day of the week. Seeing as I don't club like that, I need diversity. In Atlanta, there's a TON of events going on, especially during the summer. Live Jazz bands in the park for free with flea markets on the side. I can watch somebody play the saxaphone and buy some organic Shea Butter at the same time! lol

5) Ok, gas prices are high everywhere but come on... $4.50 from some Premium gas??? I don't understand.

6) What happened to the term "Chocolate City"??

7) Go-Go... everytime they play it on both major radio stations, I want to scream!! Sexy Lady, My Phatty, I'm Classy Not Trashy, Welcome to D.C. and all that is cool, but, I can only like so much.

8) The traffic and the streets. Why is there a New York Ave NW and a New York Ave NE????????? I can't tell you how many times I've gotten lost in D.C. lol and I have GPS on my phone!! And it takes me 15 minutes to get to work with no traffic... with traffic 30 minutes and it's never an accident, it's just too many dag on people in the streets

1) U Street- It's beautiful. So much art, so much history in one block. Bohemian Caverns, etc... I love it... except for the parking, but that can be overlooked.

2) The museums. I've only been to a hand full of museums but my goal is to go to *almost all of them (going to ALLL of them is impossible, but somebody has the Guiness World Record)

3) Georgetown (the city)- I love shopping, nuff said

4) It's really easy to find a job up here. In Atlanta... it's extremely difficult

It's sad, but that's about all that I can say about D.C. :(


C. Baptiste-Williams said...

i have lived in atlanta and in DC and I have to totally disagree with you... there is much more to do in DC than there is in Atlanta. There is always something going on on the Mall like last week there was some cultural fair with live music... you want shea butter head down to Eastern Market... also try checking out the Hip Hop art exhibition at the Portrait Gallery in Chinatown... paddleboating in the Tidal Basin... all the neighborhoods have their festivals but one to make sure you check out is Adams Morgan Day

I could go on and on but trust me much more to do here than in Atlanta but the price of living here is not cheap by any means!!!

dessex said...

I have been to DC on a number of times. I love the City there is always something going on....and it's face pace. and Love....well lets just say I have stories about that place.

On the Go GO music...I will pass, its cool at first but after a while its like okay....next please.

SistaSocialite said...

@c. baptiste-williams- realllyy??? I'd have to TOTALLY disagree!! lol There's sooo much more stuff to do in Atlanta. I'm going to have to see about the Eastern Market though.

@dessex- DC is fast pace??? Where did u go cause I wanna go! LOL Buyt Go-Go is always a No-No

philosopher said...

I hate DC too. But mostly because of the people... I think they are just mean for no reason. At least no reason that I sympathize with.

1980 said...

I gotta agree with baptiste-williams! Sista, are we living in the same city???!! There are TONS of things to do here! I have trouble keeping up! I've lived here less than a year and I absolutely love it. I'm definitely not a club person either, but there are plenty of lounges that offer a better crowd and a more intimate setting. U Street is the shit!! I'm ALWAYS down there.

SistaSocialite said...

@philosopher- I'm glad somebody agrees with me!! lol

@1980- Ok, I admit, the lounges are hot. I actually went to Adams Morgan and some lounge and had the time of my life, but still... I'm bored, tell me where I need to go and i'm there!!

E2Deep said...

Dc is Great! Your just a hater!