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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Venting/Telling it Like it is/ETC

I was inspired to do a little list :)... i have a lot on my mind and it's been a while since I've done one of these things. ENJOY!

1. I LOVE my life... like really. There have been some ups and downs, but I'm really feelin' my life right now LOL
2. YESSSSS THEY ARE REAL!!!!! (LOL not a lot of people will understand why I said that, but I have to say it)
3. I don't talk about love in my blog. I don't know why cause I have a lot to say about it.
4. I really want to memorize that Jazmine Sullivan- I Need You Bad... I LOVE singing that song!!
5. Wale is amazing... I LOVE HIM!!
6. I'm still upset my teacher gave me a B- in my Public Relations class... now I have to take it over cause I need to B to go to the next class... IM UPSET!!
7. I'm ready for a swimsuit photoshoot, I've worked out hard enough... and I HATE working out!
8. Some people can say the most ignorant things...
9. The only movie that's made me cry: Diary of a Mad Black Woman... Tyler Perry is the truth in screenwriting
10. Speaking of Tyler Perry... he reps Atlanta like there's no where better... and there isn't LOL
11. "Love what you do, Do what you love"
12. I need to find something to do tonight...
13. Yo... seriously... 2009 can't come any faster. I'm ready to graduate and move to NY/Spain/Italy.
14. Now that I think about it, so many ppl told me Spain was racist. I'm gonna take a veto and just move to NY/Italy
15. "Your all, I need, to get by..."
16. Imma need all my friends to stop being lazy lol... you know exactly who I'm talking about!!
17. Speaking of lazy.............
18. My shoe/purse collection is getting unruly... I shop too much LOL


Eb the Celeb said...

OK... your video clip of the week... love love love love love

my all time fav movie of all time... I cant wait to find my brother to the night that can make the blues in his left thigh become the funk in my right (sigh)

ad stop saying good things about ATL... i am seriously thinking about moving there and you are not making it any better...lol

Marc. said...

I AGREE. Your video clip of the week GOES. & Goes hard. I even downloaded the mp3 clip of that scene. LMAO

I gotta do me one of these lists!

philosopher said...

yea i have heard spain is racist. italy would probably be better. i didn't get any racist vibes when i went, lol.

1980 said...

first of all, that new wale has been on repeat since the day it dropped!!

why the move to italy?? that just seems so random. i thought ATL is where is at??!

and i guess from working at hooters some people have question the authenticity of your "girls"??..lol

one soulful negro. said...

YAY! i inspired someone. good times.

and before i continue i must echo everyone else. your video of the week's always be on-point, but that scene from love jones just takes me there. i love it!

1. loving life, your life, is a beautiful thing. good for you.
5. i co-sign this.
6. that is a blower. give me their information and i'll go "handle" them and get that grade changed, pronto!
14. don't tell me that. i've always wanted to go to barcelona. its a dream of mine to build a summer home there.

i LOVE lists

C. Baptiste-Williams said...

damn cant you do some extra credit or something... retaking an entire class for a fraction of a letter grade is crazy

and for tyler perry and screenwriting i dunno, that Meet the Browns was on some shizit but he does rep ATL hard and I love it. Glad he built his studio there.

SistaSocialite said...

@Eb... GIRL, don't even question it... move to ATL pronto! lol

@Marc... isn't that clip the best though??

@philosopher... yea, Spain is definitely racist! lol

@1980... Wale... speechless lol, and YES it's like they're too good to be true but I guess I shouldn't be surprised cause a lot of the girls are faking it!

@one soulful negro...OMG Barcelona would be soooo perfect right now for a vacation.

@c. baptiste-william...it's too late to do extra credit cause the grades are final :( oh well... I'll get an A this time!

dessex said...

Love Jones is my favorite....and I have the biggest crush on Nia Long...and Darrius is my real name so no wonder I love it.

You have to take PR again and you got a B-...thats crazy. I got a B in my PR class and I was upset I should have gotten an A

The Pew View said...

Hey baby. I needs your prayer so be sure to read the latest blog. Take care now.

Ruthie Ann