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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

No Words for these videos... (LMAO)

If nothing shows up (because youtube and blogspot is on that other stuff... click the link HERE )

OH and I was in my communication's class and my teacher was talking about this thing called Flash Mobs. What it is is people connect on the internet and decide to get together at a random place. Mind you that these people have never met each other. So they show up to this random place, do something random and out of the norm.... THEN, after it's all done, they fall on the ground, wait for about 5 seconds, then get up and go on about their business like nothing happened... it's pretty weird and funny at the same time. There was one in California awhile back where about 100 people (I think) had on their iPods and was randomly dancing, to music in their headphones, while people, not knowing what was going on looked at them as if they were crazy lol... I can't find it on youtube, but here is one...

Like I said... youtube and blogspot are on that other stuff with the HTML working together, so if nothing showed up (which I'm pretty sure it didn't, click the link HERE

1 comment:

Phoenix said...

Wow...thats interesting..i wish they would flash mob and show up at my bank and randomly deposit money into my account...NOW THAT WOULD BE GRAND!! (Literally)