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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Don Imus, T.I., Orlando Brown... DRAMA!

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Picture from Sportiela

Cre8tiveRecreation Cesario Lo in Tiffany/Pink Polka Dots
Soo... anybody wanna buy them for me? They only run to about $79.95 in cash mouwney (The Yo Momma show on MTV... know what I'm talking about? lol) ... But yea... just get all your family together tell them to donate like $5 in the Sista Socialite She Really Broke Fund and we good! Kewl...

+::+What's goin' on?+::+

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Pic from Yahoo

Okay I'm concerned... why in the world did mean ole Don Imus get a 2 week suspension from MSNBC (Click the link for the full story). See that's what I'm talking about, one white man can call black women "nappyheaded hoes" and get only a 2 week suspension, but if a black man says something racist on his radio show (and don't let it happen)... he probably expelled for life. We live in an unfair world folks... it's a shame. How about we all get together with "Anti-Don Imus shirts on" go to MSNBC, stand outside the studio... wait wait wait, I'm getting ahead of myself... I just got 50 cent and Tony Yayo flashbacks lmao.

Czar Entertainment needs to get a life by the way... (I'm just sayin, if there's no proof... no pics, no bruises, no nothing, that that kid was "abused"... no dice... Yayo didn't do it!...)


So T.I.... you'll accept some thousands of dollars from Duke University, but when you want to eat and a fan asks for your autograph... you make them wait? See Story Here (Bossip)

Tisk Tisk Tisk... You're a good rapper, but a BAD attitude... this isn't the first you know. I had a friend that simply wanted u to listen to him rap... you can be such a biatch sometimes... Your fans made you and they can definately BREAK YOU!

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Yo... Like really though, what's going on with Disney's That's So Raven cast? I wouldn't be surprised if Raven Simone was in on it lmao. Well... good ole Eddie (Orlando Brown) got arrested for drug charges (See Story Here). If you didn't know already, Chelsea, also from the show, was arrested for the same charges... this is crazy... some role models huh... (I wonder if that show still comes on... I wouldn't know... my cheap school [American University in D.C.] doesn't have the Disney Channel or FX so I can't watch my show Nip Tuck anymore... I need TiVo!!).

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Kelly Rowland is fabulous by the way... if I had to choose between Beyonce and Kelly... Kelly all the way. I can say she has more pzazz than Beyonce, and she's also not a publicity whore... she's got it... she don't need no extra attention put onto her for her new album to be a hit (her song "Like This" ft. Eve is HOT STUFF!)


Soo... Michael Jackson and 50 cent together... a hit?? Ehhh. I guess time will tell. It's said that they might be getting together to lace a track called "Trial of the Century". 50 cent will do anything to be relevant these days lol. He's probably the one that started the whole Yayo mess and won't tell nobody.


I heard Lil Wezzy might be "taking a break" for a while because of "stress". Hm...


Speaking of G-Unit, why do I keep hearing this mess about everyone quitting except Young Buck... I mean, I know Olivia got the "haul ass boot" but eemm... I think that's about it... who knows. With all this mess going on with G-Unit, I'd take the opportunity to take advantage of the publicity and make a couple mill...


BTW... Larry Birkhead, former boyfriend of Anna Nicole is her baby daddy...

+::+Hot Ghetto Mess of the Day+::+

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Tyra... Boo Boo... okay... what's going on with the cheap $1.99 brown gel in ya hair hunny? It's just putting more emphases on the hair line... ok Tyra... work it, but not too much ok?

+::+Video of the Day+::+

First of all....

And then...

What in the greasy lipgloss lookin Morpheus hell?? lol. I couldn't help myself... I was in work ballin on the floor laughing lol

+::+The whole day I was wondering...+::+

Why is Beyonce such a publicity whore? I mean... I love Beyonce, but dang... can I get a 5 minute break before I see her making another video?

This one is cute by the way... (oh and another thing... Solange Knowles doesn't look like she had a baby... where's the baby fat?)

+::+My Life Unfolding...+::+

My life is kind of boring (well, not really, but hey...) lol. Finals are coming up in 3 weeks and that means I'm not going to be able to update as much as I'd like (not like I update everyday anyways, but I would like to update at least 3 times a week... if I can everyday, that's cool, but I work and go to school all day and don't even have enough time to sleep). Anyways I'm rambling on, I'm sure nobody wants to know about my life lol (maybe, who knows). I might delete this part out of my blog unless I have interesting things to talk about ya know? What u think? Do I have enough on one day's blog to talk about myself or should I just keep it strictly entertainment until I myself become famous one day (which will happen... imma be the most famous publicist... I might be working for Didd one day [take that, take that lmao]).

Well time to sign off until next time... I think I did good my first time huh?


telly serone said...

only a woman would notice tyra bankz bad hair in thoze pics...

i had a hard tyme lifting my eyes up from the cleavage she had on display!!

Tiara said...


Phoenix said...

LOL @ Orlando Brown from thats so Raven!! What in the world do stars think? gettin in trouble like that...its crazy!! I sooo wanna blog about this topic too...thanks!