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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Getting Personal

So... I got this idea from someone elses blog (iseeyoulookinatme) and he had this long ass survey on his blog lol so i decided to put a little survey on my blog (not the exact one) just so my readers can get to know me a little... not too much lol

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1. Is there someone who you like at the moment?
Yes :)

2. Does that someone know that you like them?
I would hope so

3. Does that person like you back?
Nah... he tells me he hates me all the time (in a joking manner lol)

1. Name- Tiara
2. Ethnicity - African, Indian, Asian---Mix it all together, what do u get? Blacknatinees hahaha
3. Hair color- dark brown with a hint of auburn that I dyed in my hair a year ago
4. Eye color - brown... it gets lighter in the summer (weird huh?)
5. Favorite color- pink!!! and Lavender
6. Glasses - Yes ma'am... im actually going to the eye doctor this saturday to try and get some contacts, If not, those Chanel glasses I've been eyeing online
7. Tattoos - 1 down, 3 more (hidden ones) to go! The one that I have is on my lower back, tribal sun

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(By wonderful 1st tattoo!)

Have you ever:

1. Cut your own hair?
lmao I tried to cut my bangs once... lets just say after my mom was done with me, it looked like the front of my hair was burnt off hahaha

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2. Done something you regret?
Who hasn't... you learn from your experiences though

3. Skipped school?
NEVER!! lmao ok... Senior Skip Day if that counts

4. Bungee-jumped?
One day... somewhere safe

6. Cheated on a test?
Espanol 10th grade

7. Been in a police car?

8. Broken in someone's house?
9. Been Rejected?
ehhh once, he was an idiot

10. Been to a funeral?
One.. R.I.P. Grandpi

11. Used a lighter?
On candles only (Im a big candle lover just in case somebody wanna buy me a gift one day)

12. Been on stage?
OOHh yea... singing, dancing, acting... I love being on stage!


1. Season –Spring only in Atlanta, Georgia... it's nice and warm
2. Food - hmmm...Oxtails mmmmm lol
3. Breakfast-Cheese Eggs and Potatoes; Capt Crunch Berries Cereal
4. Person - DB above all
5. Book – Check out my profile
6. Lake - ehhhh Tahoe?? i dunno lol
7. Sport to watch on TV – OMG... i've gotten into Basketball these past months
8. Name for a son - Malachi
9. Name for a daughter- I want a boy... nuff said lol, maybe Kyla for a girl

Do you prefer:

1. Coffee or Cappuccino?
White Chocolate Mocha baby!

2. Long or short relationships?
ehhh long

3. Scary movies or comedies?
Do I have to choose?? If I had to choose one... comedies. I LOVE a good laugh!!

4. Short or long hair on the opposite sex?
short... braids are out of style dude

5. Fruits or vegetable?

First things that come to mind:

1. Chainsaw – Massacre haha
2. School – hell!
3. Cow - boy
4. Canada – water
5. Mouse - trap?

In the past week have you:

1. Talked on the phone? of course!
2. Watched a movie?hmmm... i don't think so
3. Cried? nah
4. Smoked? ewww how about next question...
5. Drank a glass of water? I try everyday... it dont work
6. Used drugs? nope
7. Read a book or magazine? Cosmopolitan was interesting this month, Vibe, Cosmo Girl, Essense )I'm big on magazines and reading... reading is fundamental for the mind
8. Watched T.V.? I am right now something on MTV
9. Taken a shower? everyday shawty
10. Taken a picture? hmmm... yea
11. Listened to music? Everyday
12. Told someone you loved them? awwww yes ma'am
14. Stolen anything? some lotion from my supervisor


Phoenix said...

Wow!! i enjoyed reading up, and learning about you...you are a very interesting young lady...and beautiful to match..what a combo!


Monie said...

Yay! I just started my blog too...I read lots of others and I got inspired. Anyway, just wanted to leave you a comment. I just might steal your survey to do on my page. LOL!