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Friday, April 13, 2007

Crazy 3:30am morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let me tell ya'll what crazy ish happened to me at 3:30 in the morning!! ok, let me give you the small info right quick. Oka, I'm in college and I live in a dorm. I share a room with someone and she went home for the weekend yesterday so I had the room to myself... okay here's my story...

Okay, usually when she leaves and I'm alone in the room, when I go to bed I tend to lock the door cause you know I'm alone so if some huge deeboe lookin crazy person just walks into the room, I can't defeat it lmao. The ONE TIME that I don't lock my door, some crazy ish happens...

Okay, it's freakin 3:30 am and I open my eyes cause I hear the door open (I'm SOO glad I'm not a heavy sleeper) and this chick walks over to me (mind u... I don't know who the hell this girl is! SHe don'tm live on my floor or anything) Okay, so she lifts my blanket up off of me and is like "Where's the flax number? They said you had the number" So I'm thinkin... this bitch is crazy!! (And I don't curse like that but I was pissed... if I was all the way awake, I would have dropped kicked her a**!) So I'm like, "What are you talking about? Who are you? Who are you talking about?" And she's like "I don't know where the number is and they said you have it. I don't know why it's so important it's too late at night, I'm sleepy I dont have time for this!" So she leaves out of my room, but before she leaves the room all the way, she turns the deadbolt so that the lock is resting on the door, just incase she wants to walk back in. This bitch is crazy! So as soon as she left, I went to my door and locked it.

5 MINUTES LATER... Here she goes banging on my next door neighbor's door. I knew it was her, I just knew it... only she would be acting a fool like this. So I'm thinking... she's going to get tired and just stop. HELLLLL NO!! 10 minutes later... still banging on the door and HARD! So another neighbor comes out and is like, "Can you please stop banging on the door, people are trying to sleep" and she's arguing with the girl "No, my boyfriend lives in this room and I have my books in there and I need to get them out" Mind you that I live on an all girls floor, so she was talking crazy. The neighbor was like, "This is an all girl's floor, no boy lives there". The crazy girl swore up and down that she was right talking about "I've lived here for a year, this is an all boys floor!!" The neighbor was like "It says Carla on the door!". The crazy chic looking right at the door "NO IT DOESN'T!!". I come out the door like what the hell is going on??. Then my neighbor comes out (I knew that chic was in there, got that girl banging on the door and won't even open it up to tell her to shut the hell up lol) So I tell the girl to leave or I'm calling the police. Crazy girl looks at the girl that came out the door that she was banging on, rolls her eyes and leaves...

I kid you not... I was NOT dreaming, this really did happen! I was scared for dear life when she came into my room like that, I was thinking to myself... damn, this has gotta be a joke, where's the cameras, am I on MTV's Boiling Points WTF?? lol I dont think she was on drugs cause she looked fine but who knows... crazy people!!! lol


Monie said...

That's crazy! LOL! I had someone knocking my door at 4:30am the other night...just random as all hell. Who are these people!!! LOL!

Phoenix said...

hahah...that IS crazy!! What the hell is going on in DC...some TV shit i'd say! Glad ur safe though...given the recent tragedies in your area, please..please please...LOCK YOUR DOOR!