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Thursday, July 3, 2008

What Cha Know Bout Me?

MANNNN ya'll had some good questions so here we go:

One Soulful Negro:

If you had to be someone else, someone close to you or a day, who would it be and why?

I would be my mother. Like I've said, she's been through A LOT and I've heard stories, but I want to know how she experienced it through her eyes. She say her life is harder right now than it is for me... I totally disagree


what do you believe is your best quality?

Hmm.. that's a good one... physically or mentally? Physically I'd say my mind. Of course there are other physical things about me that are really great but HONESTLY, many people are so selfish with this question that they don't even acknowledge their mind, their wisdom and ability to learn. Mentally I have a great sense of humor. It allows me to not be able to keep a grudge over someone for more than 2 hrs and to also be able to adapt to different personalities, no matter how difficult they are to get along with.

what is your idea of a perfect date?

I'm pretty simple, old fashion, and romantic. The perfect date would have to be driving to a place with an amazing view at night(which is HARD to find in DC/Maryland/Virginia), and having a nice little picnic just me and him. That's the perfect place because it allows us to be intimate and talk to each other without the clutter of life's stresses. The view clears your mind and gives you the opportunity to tell your life story. It's perfect... and I've never experienced that EVER :( LOL

What is your secret weapon to lure in the opposite sex?

HAHA this is a good question. I HAVE no secret weapon. Really... I'm just my one-in-a-million self and apparently that's enough because it's like every guy that I've met has INSTANTLY fell in lust with me. I can't even explain it and it erks my nerves sometimes, but I'm just me. I'm not a good flirter hahaha I laugh and smile allllllll the time, I guess that's me flirting.

One celebrity you would do ANYTHING for?

WILL FREAKIN SMITH!!!!!! I love love LOVE me some Mr. Smith lol

Name the one cd you will never get tired of?

ooooo that's a good one! It's a tie between Bobby Valentino's- (Self Titled) and Erykah Badu's Mama's Gun. Those are the only songs were I can listen to them without skipping over a song.

If there is one quality you look for in a person your interested in what would that quality be? and why?

If I said looks weren't everything, I'd be lying, but that's not the ONE quality I look for. Though I'd have to be physically attracted to him, the ultimate neccessity is humor. I'm a person that starts busting out laughing when I just got through arguing with someone over something extremely serious... if I can't laugh everyday, I'd go OUT OF MY MIND. I need a guy that can keep up with me and no be serious all the time. There's a time a place to be serious, of course, but I'm a ha ha funny girl lol. I need a ha ha funny guy

Eb the Celeb

name one relationship you wish you could go back and do over
OOOOO that touches the heart lol. I wouldn't go back to ANY of my past relationships. They were in the past and I want to keep it that way because most of them were pure hell for me, though there is ONE that I'd go back to and never happen again. I won't say names because he's on my facebook and might come to my blog from time to time, but he knows who he is. I was with this guy for like 8 months on and off my sophomore/junior year in high school. I thought I was in love, felt it was love, but it wasn't. He was a compulsive cheater/liar that just didn't know how to tell the truth sometimes. I'd ask him what color the sky was and it would be blue but he's convience me otherwise that it was right red. I wasted my time with him because he was emotionally abusive. Never laid a hand on me, but being with him brought my self esteem WAY down. I felt that he was the only one for me for the longest, then found out that he was dated one of my good friends while we were going to different schools. I was crushed. There are other factors, BIG factors that changed my life forever that he did to me... but I will NOT go that route. Maybe in another blog, but this isn't the time. It's hard for me to talk about even 5 years later.

whats the one place you want to go before you die

That's a hard one. I just want to be able to travel alll continents before I die. That's all I ask for, especially Europe.

what about life puzzles you

RELIGION. I have sooo many questions about religion and he fact that there are enormous amounts of different religions... it confuses me. And religion factors off other questions like... how did we get on this earth, why are we here, where do we go when we die???

5 qualities your dream guy has to have
Sense of humor
Physical attraction
LOVE of music
Knowldgeable and Wise...I HAVE to have an intelligent conversation with him
Has a BIG heart... When he meets my family, they can see right through him, he's gotta have a BIG heart because that's number one for them

blog crush?

hahaha I'm gonna be a sore loser and not tell.. it's a crush!! lol I will say that he is apart of my blogring and he lives in the DC/Maryland/Virginia area (that's all I'm gonna say and it' hard to figure it out because many of the guys in my blogring are from the area)

why did you start blogging?

I have NO CLUE why I started blogging LOL. I guess because I love writing and I have a lot to say. What better way to say it in front of the public? lol but seriously, the whole purpose of this blog is for my pleasure. It's a good way for people to get to know you and a good way to know other people.


one soulful negro. said...

i thought you might say your mom's.
i would love to actually hear more from her about her story. from what i've read from here its a very interesting one.

mama's gun...I FUCKING LOVE THAT LP!
i wear that joint out constantly!

religion confuses the HELL out of me too. organized religion and me do not really mesh.

blog crush? ooooh....telll!!! lol

1980 said...

Will Smith huh?! I'm actually watching Bad Boys right now.

And I think you are the first person to say their mind is their best physical feature. But you are so true most people are very selfish with that question.

I definitely agree with the humor thing. I like funny girls too!

so how you gonna punk out on the blog crush question??!! LOL

Eb the Celeb said...

how you gon chicken out on the crush question...lol

SistaSocialite said...

@One Soulful Negro- Yea, her story is pretty amazing. Mama's Gun is my ish! I'm telling you... I have it in the car and iPod right now! lol

@1980- Yes, Will Smith is my old man crush LOL. Humor is definitely a must... if it's not there, what's the point??

@ Eb and Everyone else- OMG lol... some things are fun to be kept a secret :) I may reveal it later on... maybe not lol. I gave clues and everything!! He's on my blogring and he lives in the DC/Maryland/Virginia area... that brings you down to like 3 guys lol