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Thursday, July 17, 2008

I FINALLY Made it to U Street

After all the procrastination and me saying I was going to go, I made my way there last night. The picture above is what I took of Bohemian Caverns, but I didn't go in lol. I was suppose to go, but they didn't have the poetry night, it was the band and I had my sights on some poetry. I did go to the restaurant above it called Mahogany and its sooooo delicious (I recommend trying the Jerk Chicken Pasta). And I ALSO found out the name of the hole in the wall soulfood place. It's called OOHHs and Aahhs Soulfood and Things... it's on the same block as Bohemian Caverns. I ALSO found out where Jin was and it looks like a nice spot. I may have to go there sometime this weekend. I ended the night off with Busboys and Poets and as my first time going there, I LOVED IT! The book worm that I am, I went STRAIGHT to the books and I was overwhelmed, not even gonna lie LOL. It was getting late around the time I arrived at Busboys so I didn't get to search through the books, but I plan on going back tonight to just sit down, relax, and read and browse the net on my laptop... I can't wait :). I'll be the first to say... DC is looking pretty ALRIGHT to me lol. I love U Street and I love Adams Morgan... where else do I need to visit??


one soulful negro. said...

told you.
and i never knew there was a restaurant above bohemian caverns. i need to go peep that.

busboys...i freakin' love that place and i stay over there in those books.

i plan to go over there one day myself and play with my laptop. have you ever been to trysts?

have you been down dupont circle?

i.can't.complain. said...

hello hello

1st off, i really like the polka dot dress below

other than that

nice blog

i can appreciate the pink-ness of it all


1980 said...

HA! told you. DC>>ATL..lol

i've had drinks at mahogany but never any food. i may have to check that out.

there is a nice spot called jo jo's that has live jazz like every night. and there's an ethiopian restaurtant called dukem that i usually go to. i only go there for drinks and to stare at the beautiful ethiopian women that will never give me the time of day because i'm not ethiopian BUT if you like ethiopian food it's a good place to eat. :)

now i'm off to oohhs and aahhs...

SistaSocialite said...

@one soulful negro- busboys is about to be my favorite spot in a minute! lol what's tryst? And I've been to Dupont but it's not that special to me... maybe I've gone to the wrong places huh?

@i.cant.complain- THANKS!! lol pink is the bomb!

@1980- NEVER will DC be better than Atlanta haha... it's AIGHT! I've heard of jo jo's but I've never been... may have to take a look one day. LOL @u at Dukem... you silly!

Tone Rock said...

Adams Morgan is the spot

but i like to cruise around G-Town when Im not busy
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