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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Randomness...

1)I seriously need better friends cause honestly... I'm tired of excuses on why you're not gonna go out tonight... on a Friday night... not a week day night... but a weekend night. LIVE A LITTLE! It's not like we're going out every single weekend.2) Speaking of partying... I need to cut down a little lol since the middle of June, I've been to The Park, Adams Morgan a few times, some birthday party in Ft.Washington, Bar Louies in Chinatown, this lounge on U Street, Ibiza Night Club... and others. Thing is, I'm not a club person, I like to just chill, but I'm not complaining. I've been having a lot of fun with my mamas :)
3) I broke my beautiful camera a week and a half a go at a party and... I had to buy a new one. Honestly... I LOVE IT!! LOL I have this new thing called the "Many Faces of Tiara"... I was playing around but it's hot!
4) If I could only have one best friend for the rest of my life, I'd choose my sister. We're >>>>likethis<<<<<
5) I need to invest in a treadmile... on the outside I dont look like I'm out of shape, but I tried to move a TV upstairs and it didn't go anywhere LOL
6) I soooo wanna delete my myspace... facebook is so much better.
7) I need to sell my car pronto! If I had a choice between a car and my own place... I'd take my own place...
8) About my blog crush lol... I shall never tell!! Outside of those clues I gave, it's kinda obviously, kinda not. If you can guess, I GUESSS I'll tell you... I GUESSS lol but you only get one try.
9) Dag, I have a taste for some 10 piece, naked, grilled daytona sauced wings from hOOTers... and the steamed shrimp!
10) If ONLY you knew what I was thinking!
Ok... so here are some photos:
This is part of my "Many Faces of Tiara" LOL

My Mamas!

ME! :)

My family from L to R... My little sister (15), my mother, my grandpa's wife, and me

Me, my sister and her best friend... GOOFY like we always are lol

I JUST found out that my grandfather is Haitian so I had to rep at the DC Carnival. I'm part Haitian, part British, part North Korean, part Cherokee Indian, and part african... LOL a MUT!

Me and my best friend for ever and ever lol repin Haiti

The FLYEST hOOter girls o Washington, D.C. lol

Me again!


1980 said...

see i told u DC was fun! waaay better than atl..lol.. the park is lovely. i've only been once but i absolutely loved it!! you should try Jin on U street, its pretty nice.

you remind me of maia campbell from that show with LL, i don't remember the name, remember that??! lol how tall are you??

and i'm gonna take a stab at the blog crush and say its your best friend b/c that's kinda obvious but kinda not!

and omg!! i really need to make a trip to hooters!!

SistaSocialite said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Boooogie. said...

i dont even remember my myspace password ive been on facebook soo much... lls

SistaSocialite said...

@1980- hey hey hey... I didn't say DC was alll that LOL. I liked the Park, it was nice. I might have to go there more often. And I think I've been to Jin before, but I'm not sure. Maia Campbell though?? LOL I hope you mean before she became a crack head! haha But I have gotten that before. I'm 5ft6. As for your guess... LOL he's my Bestest friend forever!! So... you have no more guesses sorry! LOL
And yes... you gotta visit sometimes!

@Boooogie- Yea, I think if I didn't use the same password for my myspace and facebook, I'd be lost... I find myself only going to myspace to see if someone who doesn't have facebook sent me a message

E2Deep said...

You have such a Beautiful SMILE:)

SistaSocialite said...

@e2deep- LOL you're a fool thanks :)

one soulful negro. said...

1st - you are truly beautiful. i mean classically so.

2nd- i love the randomness

3rd - facebook is most definitely better.

4th - i love the pictures. they are another outlet into your world aside from your words. a happiness exudes from you. its very warm.

5th-i am with 1980 i need to make a trip to hooters.

6th - i love the new camera

7th- DC IS THE SHIT. ain't nothin' like chocolate city and don't you forget it. lol

8th - my stab at your blog crush is none other than mr. 1980 himself.

SistaSocialite said...

@one soulful negro- AWW THANKS!!! :). I'm about to ban myspace from my life in a minute lol. I try to be happy as much as I can no matter what, though I had trouble with that when I was younger. LOL... talk is cheap, take a trip to Hooters asap. DC is OOOOKKKKKK. And yea 1980 is a cutie who wouldn't have a tiny crush, but I'll just leave it at that... next question lol

1980 said...


one soulful negro. said...

hmmmm....i think i struck a chord...lol.

and best believe i will be up there one day soon. [hooters]

SistaSocialite said...

@one soulful negro- nahhhhhhh... you COULD be wrong :) lol

one soulful negro. said...

i could be, but.....
i don't think i am....lol