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Monday, July 14, 2008

My Weekend and Because I LOVE Surveys!

My weekend was alright. Aside from working, I went to this go-go party in Oxon Hill and it was pretty fun. Of course they played a whole load of go-go music, but I still had some fun. Here's some pics (out of the thousands I took and put on facebook):
Me and my homegirl Danielle


Me, Niiki, and Penny

No clue why Brandon was looking at me like that LOL

I'm actually extremely excited about this week for work. The hOOters in Baltimore is having a "Firemen's Week" and they've asked managers from all hOOters in the DMV area to transfer like 15 girls down there, all gas and hotel expenses paid for. I'm going to be down there from Wed through Fri and I can't wait!!! I'll be making tons of money and having fun in bmore :)

Since I LOVE surveys I decided to steal this one from 1980 lol

Ten random things about me...
1. I know the whole dance to Michael Jackson' "Thriller"
2. I played softball during high school (A LOT of people don't know that about me)
3. My favorite colors are lavender and pink but I don' wear them
4. I'm afraid of pitch darkness
5. I'm obsessed with Gummy Bears and not just any old kind cause I'm picky. I like the ones in the gold packet
6. If I could make one celebrity my love slave for a day I'd choose Mario LOL
7. I'm a momma's girl
8. I want to work for Diddy one day lol until then I'll settle for having my own Public Relations firm
9. The first song I sang that made me want to be a singer (but not anymore lol) was Brandy's "I Wanna Be Down"
10. I'm trying to be the shortest runway model on Vera Wang's shows (I'm only 5ft6 and most girls are like 5ft10 and taller)

Nine ways to win my heart...
1. Cook for me. The key to MY heart is a good homecooked meal
2. Make me laugh till I cry
3. Have confidence. I don't care if you look scraggly, haven't had a haircut in 3 weeks and you have a meeting with the President... work that afro lol
4. Don't be jealous. I get hit on and looked out at work and outside of work... you can't get mad and want to fight every single guy that does that. A lot of jealousy is a sign of insecurity... a little jealousy is ok, we're all human
5. Be boring. I like guys that don't mind staying home and making it a movie night sometimes. I can't handle you if you party aaaalllll the time.
6. Have as much passion in music and fashion as I do. You don't have to know who Carolina Herrera is but some fashion sense can work
7. Be good with my mom. From the boyfriends that have met my mom, she's ALWAYS been able to scoop out the ones that were going to end out being wack. I always value her opinion when it comes to boyfriends. She's a little hard on you at first cause of course she's my mother, but she's like a 21 year old at heart lol
8. Don't be clingy. I hate clingy and it's a major turn off
9. Tell me that your favorite baseball team is the Yankees/Braves, favorite football team is the Eagles/Redskins (I'm kinda two sided even though they're rivals lol) and favorite basketball team is Heat/Wizards

Eight things I want to do before I die...
1. Travel the world
2. Open up a nonprofit home for the poor and teach them vocational skills while finding them jobs to get them off the streets
3. Meet Oprah/Jay Z & Beyonce
4. Open up my PR firm
5. Get married to a wonderful man and have beautiful children
6. Become fluent in Spanish, Italian, French, Creole, and Swahili
7. Help my mom get a Day Spa/Beauty Salon
8. Be a featured model in Essence Magazine

Seven ways to annoy me...
1. Talk to me when I'm mad... you may think talking to me while I'm mad is going to settle things, but you're not gonna get much out of me
2. Tell me how to live my life
3. Not be on time for something... I can't STAND being late
4. Tell me that my dreams are ridiculous
5. Touch a black woman's radio LOL
6. Say you're gonna do something but don't do it
7. Tickle me... I want to be hypnotized so I'm not ticklish anymore because if anything, I think I'm the most ticklish person in the world

Six things I believe in...
1. God
2. That if I work really hard, I can do anything that I dream of
3. Networking and knowing people in high places gets you extremely far
4. The golden rule "Do onto others as you would want them to do onto you"
5. Living life everyday as if it were on purpose
6. Good and faithful men ARE out there

Five things I am afraid of...
1. Loosing my family
2. Failing
3. Insects. When I went camping last year and we actually had to sleep in a sleeping bag and everything... I thought I was going to die lol
4. Having to put all my ambitions on hold
5. Pitch darkness

Four of my favorite things...
1. This pink carebear my father bought me years ago
2. My iPod collection
3. Favorite people: My friends and family

Three things I do everyday...
1. The daily hygienic chores: brush teeth, wash face, take shower
2. Pilate's
3. Get on my laptop and check email, myspace, facebook, etc

Two things I want to do right now...
1. Go to U street and get me some soul food from that one hole-in-the-wall joint
2. Stop being lazy and get my emissions test for my car

One person I want to see right now...
1. I just want a BIG family reunion and see my family from my mom and dads side, plus my grandfather that passed away 3 years ago :( RIP


Eb the Celeb said...

Awweeee... that second pic took me back to college... me and my friends use to always coordinate our pics...

and I may have to jack this meme from you... I need to express that number 9 and you know how I love them so anyway...

SistaSocialite said...

@ eb- you should have a blog just for your surveys lol and it was a black and white party that's why we had the same colors on

1980 said...

what soul food place on U Street??!!!

why aren't any of your favorite sports teams from ATL or St. Louis??!! lol

and yes those gummi bears in the gold pack are the shit! i think they are called haribo.

SistaSocialite said...

@1980- I don't know the name of it but it's down the street from Bohemians going towards Howard... I think but don't hold me against it...LOL I grew up being a St.Louis Cards and Rams fan, but since Mark McGuire messed up... they havent been the same. Plus, the Rams and the Falcons are wack (Free Mike Vick! lol). The Braves are from Atlanta! Yea Haribo!! I'm always in CVS getting like 3 packs LOL

one soulful negro. said...

i was about to ask you the same thing about the whole in the wall on U st. as many times as i go down there for lunch, i am stumped.

question: can i work at your PR firm?

statement: i thought i was the only one who didn't like to wait for people.

that is all. : )

SistaSocialite said...

@one souful negro- It's called OOH's and Ahh's Soulfood and Things and YES... you can work for me lol what kind of experience do you have?? I HATE being late to places... it erks me