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Friday, July 11, 2008

An Old Poem Brought back to Life

I use to be very poetic, but somewhere between senior year in high school and then college, I lost all my spunk and my muze. I use to write the hell out of love now... I rarely blog about it. I had a Xanga at one point and I was surprised to see that it was still up. Well, there was this poem that I thought was BEAUTIFUL and as soon as I wrote it on my blog... it died down, wasn't recognized from that point on. I decided to bring it back to life:

Lost in Translation (inspiration)

Lost in translation (cycles)

I think of him.

a velvety shade of midnight accented with French truffles

an old English style, elegant like Old England ruffles

yeah, loving him is an occupation,

his shade breeds roots deeper than the emancipation

issued around the oak tree,

my country tis of thee, rings liberties from his mysterious brown eyes, his eyes, civilizes my society, my reality

breaking myths of an arctic heart, barriers rupture, love is harnessed

a relationship emerges through the translation of words.

We’re playing four letter scrabble; what I said he heard,

his eyes gave truth to his heart’s babble.

It mumbles


I check my watch. He manages to monopolize my thoughts.


at first sight of his person

first shared syllable of his banter

first touch of his hand

first taste of his lips

first rhythm in which our hearts share a similar frequency

we now, caress each other mentally frequently no words needed.

Our future:

A couple of years relationship experienced but not needed,

Black Armani tuxedo pants pleated, off-white, hand-made wedding dress forecast innocence depleted in a sense, repentance granted an immaculate purity

rings exchange now just a reflection of me,

definition of unity

the translation of understanding

Fixing my dress I wondered what we are doing…it’s so surreal right now.

Marriage rushes by. Honey moon never ceases

after four children, one possessing his name

and our beautiful faces are creasing, it’s never a bad time for our love,

Everyday is pleasing

peace is achieved as our off spring flies the coop

Our perfect communication which was overtaken by

lavish occupations is finally overcame,

remember when sex was our Tylenol

we rather indulge in Coca-Cola for the remote traces

love is etched in the wrinkles of our faces but never in the finger tips of our touch

slowly together isolated we’re dying.

We embrace each other as if I’m returning to his rib like Adam and Eve,

He becomes my breath,

we return to formal glory, death brings a vivid life, translating our lost relationship into husband and wife

of a new stature.

Our friends become envious of the perfection we’ve created and they can’t have,

grandchildren mischievous,

our love transcends reality delegating our problems to a passing storm, or gently breeze. We constantly freeze, A Kodak picture ready for an eternal life portrait.

Our Death portrays, perfection, engraved with a century of moments.

My phone rings, I hear your deep voice. “Hey.” Funny I was just thinking about you. I think I’m ready.


one soulful negro. said...

got damn.
who knew that you wrote like that.
your imagery is hypnotizing.

really that was amazing!

1980 said...

ditto what he said...lol..you should really try to resurrect your creative spirit.

Pretty.Hip said...

The poet in me died too, but I'm glad you resurrected yours. This was very beautiful!

SistaSocialite said...

@all: Thanks Guys!