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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Little Venting... And MeMe Time

Ok, so I got this from Organized Noise and I just felt the need to vent out a little cause stuff just be bothering me sometimes so here we go:

1) I tell you time and time my particular pet peeve... why must you continue to annoy the hell outta me by doing it??

2) I love you...

3) Why do people on the D.C. Metro do this: Ok... there are so many empty seats on the train, but they feel the need to sit next to you. I could see if they wanted to have small talk... but u sit and dont say s***... WTF??

4) Also on the metro... ppl... i dont want to here Britney Spears as I'm riding my weekday 1 hour trip from home to work... TURN UR iPOD DOWNNNN!!

5) Freaking chirpin phones annoy me... especially when it's quiet in a room and u feel the need to chirp your friend and tell them about when u went to get a pedicure and you think the chinese lady was talking about your feet cause of you newly grown corn and fungus.... EW

6) Sometimes I wanna write a book about my life... it's just too much

7) I feel like a child, but I have a "crush" on you...

8) Boy do I regret talking to you!

9) I can't wait till I get this party planning gig so I can **raspberry*** (LOL) ya'll for not believing in my dreams.

10) No... I do not like old men... stop trying to talk to me!

11) Am I THAT intimidating looking??

12) I can't take it back... but I can fix it...

13) Why must you mess with a guy who is playing u... and u know it??

14) I lied, U SUCK!

15) Just give me one day... one day is all I need


17) I need money... a better job... and a better foundation...

18)... I dont understand... it's more cold in this office then 10 years ago when I had a habit of eating ice cream during 48 degree weather... get it together!

19) I like the way u brush your hair, i like the stylish clothes you wear, it's just the little things you do, that shows how much you really care... (YEA... that song... GET OUTTA MY HAIR!)

20) It's none of your business... if i want to shop there, I'll shop there!

21) I hate ignant (yes ignant) ppl... period. point. blank

Thanks to Muze

Accent – People say that I have a country accent... I dont see it, then my Midwestern double rrr (herre= here) comes out sometimes... im just confused!!

I Don't Drink - as much water as I should... i LOVE cranberry grape juice... but water.. pst, i'm workign on it though

Chore I Hate – I don't really have a problem with chores... crank up some music, sing all the songs that come on, do a little dancing... and it goes by just like that...

Pets –hmm... none now, but I hope to have a terrier in the near future.

Essential Electronics – my sidekick 3 (because I'm a textaholic), my camera (because i'm a photoholic and you never know what's gonna happen... i may see Reggie Bush or Boris K... U never know!), and my laptop... i use to take it everywhere at school, but I toned it down... i have my phone for the internet haha

Perfume/Cologne - My signature scent is Escada Island Kiss but I havent worn it in a minute. Right now i'm hooked on DKNY Be Delicious Green Apple... yumm. For men... Jean Paul is a good one, and Lucky You for Men... oh and Burberry Brit

Gold or silver - I like both... it depends on what you're wearing

Insomnia – Sometimes... i sleep at weird hours and it messes me up from time to time

Job Title – At this point... im like a secretary, although that's not what I applied for... my job is drama uughh. So i guess a secretary at the National Institute of Health

Most Admired Trait – Physical trait- Lips, Feet, Thighs, I've been told my many that my skin is the softest they've ever touched, ooh my my Eyes. Personality- My confidence and ability to adapt to even the most unbearable personalities... i get along with many people.

Kids – None yet

Religion – Nondenominational

Siblings – On my mother's side...i have 1 younger sister. On my dad's... no clue... that's another post for another time

Time I wake up – Well i usually wake up at 5:30 every morning over the summer, but now it varies from 6:00am-8:00am since im working and going to school.

Unusual talent/skill – lol i dont think any of my talents/skills are unusual

Vegetable I refuse to eat – hmm... asparagus, that's about it... i like most vegies

Worst habit – I think a lot of people bit the inside of their cheeks, so i'm not the only one... it's not that bad, just when im really stressed, but i dont do it to the point where it hurts... that has to be my worst habit

X-rays – a few

My favorite meal – These ox tails from this jamacian place down on georgia ave near Howard University

Now to tag people? - Im gonna tag everyone who reads this... u dont have to be a member of blogger to do it. Just state your name and let me know if u did it :)


Organized Noise said...

Glad to see that I motivated you enough to vent a little. I'm sure you felt better after you did it.

natural muze said...

ha! i'm cracking up at number 5. lol.

and why do you wake up at 5:30?? geesh!

oooooh i forgot about dkny be delicious. yum!

SistaSocialite said...

@ Organized Noise... yea i fel MUCH better!! lol

@Muze... i wake up at 5:30 cause it took me about an hour to get to work everyday and i have to be at work at 7:30 so all i need is an hour to get ready every morning :)