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Thursday, August 23, 2007

**Yea... Im late... SO WHAT???? (LOL)**

So it's been what... 2 weeks since I last updated this thing??? PST... it's my job!! lol.

Lately my supervisor has been over my shoulder and it's hard simply updating my BLOG... gosh... i can see facebook and myspace but blogger... AREUFREAKINSERIOUS?? So at one point, I think it was Monday, EVERYTHING... blogger, facebook, and myspace was BLOCKED. So Im thinking "Maybe my supervisor did this to me", but as soon as I got on someone else's comp, it wasnt just me... i was relieved that I didnt have a put a can of whoop a** on somebody!! (HAHA... just kidding... i dont promote violence, it's all about world peace ppl!)

So yea... Im sitting here BORED as usual. School is about to start this monday, but at this point Im confused at what Im about to do. I just transferred to Montgomery College because frankly, American University, D.C. is toooooo expensive (try $50,000 and school year) and it's not even worth it! Don't nobody know what American is... DO U??? I didnt think so. So I decided to go to Montgomery because it has interior design and I'm interested in all that (on top of party planning and wedding planning). This is basically up my ally.

At AU I majored in Public Communications for the fact of party planning and all that promoting but I SOON realized... you dont need a degree to do what Im trying to do, so Im wasting my money! I dunno what's gonna happen cause I was kind of late registering for Montgomery and I still havent gotten my classes (HAHA). My only problem is I hope that American lets me withdraw this late... i dont know if I should go to class or what come Monday... I'll talk to my advisor today about that.

Oh yea...

ooh... here are some photos... I GOT A NEW TAT! (TAT TAT TATTEED UP...i couldnt help myself) ooh and i cut my hair... check that out

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h.e.r. said...

:D thanks miss, stick around!!

jameil1922 said...

cute haircut. one of my coworkers went to american. she loved it. do what you gotta. there's a lot of blogger blockin goin around workplaces. TRAVESTY!! lol

Organized Noise said...

Just passing through. Thanks for stopping by my blog. My job is opposite of yours. I can blog, but I can't get on facebook or myspace. go figure.

philosopher said...

Uhm.. WHAT! you're not gonna be at AU? It is expensive, but it's a good school. And professional people have heard of it! Well, I guess if that's what you want to do that's cool. I wish you luck!