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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Taking a Break for a While

Soo... I have a lot going on right now, and I need a break! I'll be keeping up with you guys, commenting on blogs, but I just won't be updating mine that often.



Charles said...

I hope you're using this time to buy some school supplies and books. Hahaha. Just joking...handle your business.

Bombchell said...

@ clip of the week, woooooooow.

North Georgia, lol that hits close to home ha ha, especially since i schooled in N. georgia (lol oh gosh CNN its not that Mountainy)

Have fun on your blogging abscene =) & would love to hear your comments.

One Ten said...

Wow, I just started reading your blog and now you leave. LOL. Oh well, still got you on the blogroll, so I'll be checking back periodically to see when you return. But have fun on your break!!!

WeirdGurl said...

cool blog. anticipating ur return

SistaSocialite said...

@Charles- I might not get on that till 2 weeks after school start haha I'm slackin!

@bombchell-Ain't it crazy though?? I think it's a lie, aint no way, as long as I've lived in Georgia haha I ain't see no type of Big Foot

@one ten- I'll be back in a year!! Thanks for the blogroll add! I got chu

SistaSocialite said...

@weirdgurl- Thanks!!

Justine Samantha said...

aw your so sweet, you addedme to your blog roll.
i shall add you to mine <3

Don said...

Take your time....I just came off a break and might take another one. Blogging is good and all but I end up seeing other things when I'm not blogging.

dessex said...

awww man...you just came back lol...enjoy your time off...bloggin ain't going no where