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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Single BLK woman in DC Not Looking 4 Single BLK man in DC

Am I wrong for being extra picky about who I want to date? LOL like seriously... is picky wrong?
I was at working yesterday and me and my co workers were talking about guys in DC and how they just come up to you sooo incorrectly and when you turn them down, they go all CRAZY and want to call you out of your name. What's up with that? Why do some guys act like that... please extra my fellow bloggers, whether you're from DC or somewhere else... explain to me lol
And then I was talking to one of my homeboys, he's from DC and he said... why don't women make the first move instead of letting the guy come up to her all the time? Well me being old fashion, I've never went up to a guy myself but I know guys have to work up a lot of courage to make a move... it's nerve wrecking sometimes. Hmmm... maybe that's my problem. Guys aren't into the old fashion anymore... they need someone aggressive. But then there are the guys like hate when a girl makes the first move... WTF? Make up your mind! LOL


clnmike said...

Lol, damn if you do damn if you dont. I cant lie I tend to not be interested in agressive women, but I think it has to do more with that they dont have game when it comes to picking up men.

one soulful negro. said...

i think there is too many games and too much stuff put into dating someone these days.

everyone likes to be chased.
everone likes to chase. period. point blank.

and yes...

i think dudes can be disrespectful, but wether in dc, atl or kalamazoo a disrespectful guy is going to be disrespectful. there are some gentlemen out there as well, in dc and the surrounding areas, so it's now about placing yourself in the environments to find one. so wether you approach a guy or a guy approaches you, i say let the mood lead you where you feel it should go. i always say don't cut your nose to spite your face. while i think everyone should have the standards for what they want and what they will and wont tolerate i think sometimes both men and women put entirely way too much shit into the pot before they even know what recipe they will be using. and in dating, i am learning sometimes the dish isn't going to come out the way you had planned, but i'll be damned if i stop cooking it until it's perfect, especially if i want it that much.


i love it here in your space. i really do.

C. Baptiste-Williams said...

I was out during the AKA convention with one of my homegirls that was visiting from ATL... and on the car ride back to my place we couldnt do but laugh at how thirsty the dudes were at the club. It was quite hilarious as I sat on the sidelines and took it all in.

And as for who makes the first move... it is just as confusing for dudes when ladies are so 'liberated' and 'independent' but yet want things the old fashion way... as you said WTF? Make up your mind! LOL.

I think regardless of who you are if you see something or someone you want go after it. Just do it with class and style so you don't come off as aggressive, thirsty or as slutty.

1980 said...

there is nothing wrong with being picky! there is a basic criteria for females that i deal with, and RARELY do i stray from that. everyone should have their own standards and stick to them!

and trust me i'm sure its just not the dudes in DC, there are disrespectful guys EVERYWHERE. just like there are triflin' ass females EVERYWHERE...lol

personally, it's rare that i approach a female. and its mainly because y'all are so used to every guy coming up to talk to you. i hate being the 5000th dude that has approached you ...so unless the female approaches me, i usually dont say much...unless there is a good opportunity to speak on a very cordial, courtesy level. that "old fashion" stuff is just that-- OLD...it's time for a change, so tell all your friends it's time y'all start approaching us! lol

SistaSocialite said...

@clnmike- so you're apart of the catergory that doesn't like when a girl makes the first move? That's why I'm confused! lol

@one soulful negro- I totally agree with you... i've had guys approach me wrong on different continents so it doesn't really matter. As far as the pot, me personally, I don't have a type. You can be black, white, puerto rican, asian, it doesn't matter. My thing is, I have high standards and if you don't possess those standards, I can't date you period point blank lol.

@c. baptiste-williams- I worked during the middle of the AKA convention and they came into hooters all the time, I know exactly what you're talking about LOL. It's not so much that I want things the old fashion way, its just that, that's how I was raised... the old fashion way. I'm slowing growing out of it though.

@1980- Honestly, yea guys come up to me all the time, especially when I'm at work (go figures, I never talk to guys that holler at me at work because they clearly wanna holler because of my hooters haha) but seriously... it doesn't matter if you're the millionth guy to approach me, it's all about the way you do it. I don't have a type but when it comes to personality, you gotta bring it or go home. Guys come up to me like... "Aye shawty let me holler at u for a minute". I'm like no thank you... I'm not your shawty and I dont wanna get hollered out. What happened to "How r u doing? I couldnt help but notice you over here and I just wanted you to know that you're beautiful"... or something along those lines lol. Now i'm not saying that I'm totally AGAINST making the first move, because I have done it, stayed classy, all that, and succeeded, but at the same time, some men need to learn how to do it correctly sometimes... :)

And my novel ends LOL

1980 said...

so you mean this isnt the appropriate way to approach you....


SistaSocialite said...

@1980- LMFAO!!!!!! You silly! haha

Bombchell said...

gurl when u figure this out tell me what's up.

I guess it depends on how u do it.

u could always take it back to the 5th grade, and do the who "my girl thinks u're cute" that way it's inbetween.

lol and Im guilty of doing that, we started it as a joke though, but it works lol

SistaSocialite said...

@bombchell- I'm sooo guilty of doing that haha, not recently, but I have and sure enough... it works!!

brran1 said...

1980 took the words right out of my mouth.

It really does depend on the dude though, b/c everywhere you go, you'll have the gents and then you'll have the bammas.

SistaSocialite said...

@brran1- you're DEFINITELY from the DC area... bammas haha that word tickles me LMAO!!