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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Because I Forgot MeMe Monday...

**3 Things

Three Things That Scare Me
1) Bugs... ANY types of bugs, but ESPECIALLY Spiders... I found one in my car as I was driving, I almost got in an accident on the highway LOL
2) That I won't be successful when I graduate----I can't let that happen!!
3) The pop of a balloon... I hate it, just hate it

Three People Who Make Me Laugh
1) My little sister. She's 15 and she's a BIG comedian, I love her , she's like my best friend. My mother (who is also my best friend) is not too far from her... we're a GOOFY family for real
2) Dan Cook... the funniest man alive. Watch one of his stand up comedies... OMGosh!!... oh and Will Ferrell
3) My best friends (aside from my family)... they're the best

Three Things I Love
1) Having knowledge and being able to share it with others
2) My family (my friends are included)
3)Having a support team

Three Things I Hate
1) Ignorance
2) My job LMAO
3) People that get ahead by doing negative things

Three Things I Don’t Understand
1) Why ppl just can't just get along??? (Obama.... Hilary LMAO)
2) How some people just have NO heart
3) Why gas here is $4.00 but in the middle east its $.90... ok maybe I do understand why, but I dont understand WHY?? Feel me? lol

Three Things On My Desk
1) Machine for making labels
2) Hand Sanitizer
3) This scary looking troll on my desk that someone put there... I'm still trying to figure out who that was

Three Things I Am Doing Right Now
1) Teaching myself Spanish
2) Blogging
3) Contemplating if I should go outside in the rain to go to the bank or push my luck and use the couple of dollars in my purse to get breakfast

Three Things I Want To Do Before I Die
1) Travel to like 40 countries
2) Become fluent in Spanish, French, Italian, Creole, and Swahilli
3) Work for Essence Magazine

Three Things I Can Do
1) Jump higher in new shoes (LOL)
2) Take amazing pictures... although I'm not a photographer
3) Creative write for pages and pages ( I have so many ideas and thoughts, I rarely have writer's block)

Three Things I Can’t Do
1) Whistle :(
2) Making some people magically leave me alone lol
3) Speak Spanish (although i'm planning on moving to Spain)

Three Things I Think You Should Listen To
1) Dwele- Old Lovas
2) Youtube Soulja Girl- Original Crank Dat Soulja Girl Remix (OMG!)
3) Raheem DeVaugh's entire new CD

Three Things You Should Never Listen To
1) Wack music
2) Negative people
3) Bush

Three Things I Would Like To Learn
1) The piano
2) The art of persuading for my public relations career
3) To let go and let God

Three Favorite Foods
1) Carribbean, be it Jamaican or Haitian... I LOVE it
2) Oxtails mmmmmmm
3) Noodles and Co's Pasta Fresca with Shrimp

Three Shows I Watched As A Kid
1) Captain Planet
2) Darkwinged Duck
3) Rugrats


The Pew View said...

Baby you likes you some oxtails to. Ain't too many young folks know bout that good eating right there. I really loves me some pickled pigs feets, chitterlins and collard greens. I tell you what it taste good coming in and sho nuff feels good coming out. That's why when I eat that meal don't go to far from the house cause it won't be long fo my stomach gets to rumbling. Take care now.

Ruthie Ann

1980 said...

lol...you cant whistle???!
and yes you should NEVER listen to wack music!
Dwele is my fave...old lovas or weekend love i still can't decide which is better. counting down the days until June 24th!

SistaSocialite said...

@ Pew View- Yea I LOVE oxtails... I've never had pig feet, but I heard they're good. I MIGHT try them one day lol

@1980- I don't know what it is, but I definitely can't whistle... I mean, when I attempt, something happens, but not that many people can hear it hahaha. I like Old Lovas better... it just gets to me everytime I hear it!

The F$%K it List said...

Thanks for stopping by my place! I'm still waiting for your songs that annoy you hahah!

I don't eat meat but if my momma makes some oxtails that rule goes right out the window.

so many things to comment about but I will say this Raheem DeVaughn is a MUST MUST MUST!

one soulful negro. said...

i love lists. they complete my day. lol

old lovas by dwele has to be one of my favorite songs!

if you work for essence, can you hook a brotha up with a free subscription. lol

darkwing duck was my SHOW!!!

good times!

SistaSocialite said...

@ The f* it list- who u telling?? I dont eat beef like that either, but I'll cheat for some oxtails! I you with the list lol
Raheem DeVaughn... his CD never fails me

@ one soulful negro- I'm starting to become a list addict, I love it! I got you with the free subscription LOL. I don't know how I got into Old Lovas, but since then, I couldn't get enough!

-Q. said...

Raheem DeVaughn, Dwele?! I love this place..
Personally i'm scared of hungry black folks. and cats, but thats just me.
Anywayz good read i might do your list myself at my blog if thats cool. -Q.