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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Chris Stokes and B2K... UGH

So, I was listening to the radio in Atlanta and they said something about Raz-B and his older brother Ricky Romance getting sexually assaulted by his former Producer/Manager/CEO of TUG Entertainment, Chris Stokes. I was SOO upset because as a teenager, I had the biggest crush on Raz-B (LOL). So, I went to the youtube link they said to go to and looked at the two videos that were posted:

The kicker in the last video was when Chris was like "I don't do that no more", proving that he INDEED did do it in the past :(

I was NOTHING less than disgusted!! I knew Chris Stokes was the reason behind B2K breaking up, partly because THEY NEVER MADE MONEY and he was spending it all on himself, but I had no idea he was trying to turn them out!!
Then the kicker is... Marques Houston was about homosexual activities as well!!

I feel so sad for these boys, but I'm so happy that Raz-B was the one to step up and say something about this. He is really strong for this, especially when people have been accusing him of being homosexual since earlier this year (check the bottom of the page of that link). I give kudos to him and everyone who stepped up as well. I know for a fact that 2008 will be the downfall for Chris Stokes. I predict that EVERYBODY is going to lay his stuff out in the open. THIS IS CRAZY!!

P.S... read this letter... it's VERY interesting!


E2Deep said...

Wow that is sad. I'm speechless. This is crazy.

The Narcist said...

that is really tragic. when i heard about it I had no doubt that they were telling the truth. the proof was overwhelming. i pray that unlike r kelly, stokes will be punished for his heinous actions

Don said...


Muze said...

yeah that was crazy. i am convinced there is a special place in hell for him and r kelly.